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I’m thrilled to share that Capita has been recognised as one of the top companies for women by Forbes, ranking at number 18 on their list. This is a testament to our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equality in our workplace and in our society.

At Capita, we believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and to have equitable opportunities to thrive and succeed. We’re proud of our diverse and talented workforce, which includes over 30,000 women across the globe, as well as both a PLC Board and Executive Committee that are each over 40% women.

We also recognise that there’s still more work to be done to achieve gender parity and inclusion in our industry and beyond. Indeed, according to the International Labour Association, it remains the case that only 47% of women work as opposed to 72% of men. We must do all we can in society and business to make places of work, work for women.

That’s why we’re constantly striving at Capita to improve our policies, practices and culture to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone. We’re also actively engaging with our clients, partners and communities to promote gender equality and empowerment through our client delivery and social impact work.

Just some of the key initiatives we’ve brought in recently to help foster an equitable environment for women include:

  • Our commitment to flexible working arrangements to better suit women and carers. Our recent survey results told us that 64% of our female colleagues work almost entirely from home, with a further 12% flexibly hybrid. We know this is an important factor for women, and we aim to be as flexible as possible in every role.
  • Improving our Gender Pay Gap performance – in our 2023 gender pay gap figures, which will be published shortly, we’ve seen a drop of more than 4% in our median gap.
  • Including new policies and programmes such as our Life Leave policy – which gives time off for fertility treatment and early pregnancy loss, our menopause cafés and our reasonable adjustment passports.
  • Implementing changes for our female colleagues via our Gender Equality and Family Networks, including the recent launch of our ‘parental partners’ scheme to support new parents.
  • Our commitment to reducing bias through live review and intervention in our pay review processes, performance rankings and senior succession planning.

We’re honoured to be among the top companies for women by Forbes, and we also congratulate the other companies on the list for their achievements and efforts. Together, we can make a positive difference in the world by continuing to empower and uplift women and creating a more equitable and sustainable future for everyone.

Finally, I’d like to thank the many people across Capita who work tirelessly to make us a more inclusive and equitable organisation.


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Written by

Scott Hill

Scott Hill

Chief People Officer

Scott is responsible for delivery of the company’s HR and people strategy, supporting and advising the organisation to evolve Capita’s culture and ways of working for all its employees.

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