It’s no secret that the UK public sector is experiencing a time of unprecedented economic challenge.

There is, however, a way to build greater financial sustainability for public services: together with GovTech pioneer PUBLIC, we’ve produced a report which highlights a valuable latent income - knowledge assets – setting out how they can be leveraged to raise some £5 billion per year.

Estimated to be worth some £150 billion in total, publicly-owned knowledge assets are created in the course of delivering public services, including data and digital services, brands and designs, knowledge and research, and capabilities and skills.

Download our new report - Government venturing - to discover:

  • How to overcome the challenges in unlocking key income from these valuable assets
  • The concept of ‘government venturing’ - strategic partnerships which bring together public and private resources
  • How government venturing can drive innovation, stimulate economic activity and drive productivity across the country.

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