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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the blueprint to attain a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, particularly in reaching the most vulnerable.The snowballing debt burden faced by many presents one of the greatest difficulties to sustainable development.

Recent research from debt charity StepChange revealed that the number of people struggling with financial commitments has doubled since the start of the pandemic.The report reveals that 6.4 million adults are feeling the pressure of debt.

This video series features discussions with our guest speakers and market analysts about how we can better support the expanding dimensions of customer vulnerability from both a customer and employee perspective.

Watch our video series on the changing nature and challenges of vulnerability

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Part 1: How do we step up in the moments that really matter to our customers?


Part 2: The rising problem and changing nature of vulnerability


Part 3: The further impact of the cost of living crisis on vulnerable customers


Part 4: What is our organisational response to vulnerability beyond regulatory mandates?


Part 5: Building the blocks of a vulnerability strategy


About our speakers

Alan Linter

Alan Linter

Innovation and Data Science Director, Capita

In his current role, Alan is responsible for searching out new and innovative technology solutions that allow our clients to be at the forefront of customer service delivery. He is also responsible for our Data Science practice that looks to link complex data sets and maximise the value that data can generate for clients in improving customer experience, generating revenue and reducing costs.

Martin Hill-Wilson

Martin Hill-Wilson

CEO, Brainfood Consulting

Martin was CEO of one of the first BPOs and CX consultancies in the UK. He then spent a decade in the systems integration industry positioning the value of new technology and the associated change agenda. He is now in his tenth year as Brainfood Consulting offering a mix of services. These include conference chairing, keynotes, webinars, whitepapers, workshops, consulting and mentoring.

Anne Marie Forsyth

Anne Marie Forsyth

CEO, CCA Global Ltd

Anne Marie is a regular speaker on customer experience, both in the UK and internationally. She is committed to improved professionalism, is passionate about customer service, and is convinced of the need for organisations to leverage their potential to achieve competitive advantage and customer service excellence.

Vanessa Northam

Vanessa Northam

Head of Charity Development, StepChange Debt Charity

A strategic and engaging leader with a depth of knowledge in relationship management, consumer vulnerability, open banking and debt advice, garnered via roles in financial services, energy, fintech and charities.

Richard Lim

Richard Lim

CEO, Retail Economics

Richard is CEO and founder of Retail Economics, an independent economics consultancy focused on consumer and retail working with a range of global brands. He previously headed up the ‘Retail Insight and Analytics’ team at the British Retail Consortium. Before that, he worked in mergers and acquisitions for Citi.


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