Why customer experience really matters in digital security

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Oli Freestone

In the list of things that keep leaders up at night, digital security is right up there.

Cybercrime is estimated to cost the global economy around $600 billion a year (that’s not far off 1% of global GDP)(1). Some 100 million user identities are attacked every month, and there was a 300% increase in identity-based attacks in the last year alone(2).

We’re seeing ever more frequent and alarmingly high-profile examples of data breaches, hacks and identify theft. Facebook, Equifax, Swift, Google, T-mobile, Orbitz… the list goes on.

Despite global information security spending hitting $124 billion this year(3), it seems no one is immune.

Therefore, digital security must be one of the most important elements of so many of the new products and services we build today. It’s inconceivable that a digital platform could be built that doesn’t put security front and centre. It’s where providers build trust in the products and services they develop and deliver, and it’s the basis of the contract they have with clients and customers that says, “we look after your most sensitive data and we do our utmost to protect you”.

So, it’s a non-negotiable, a hygiene factor… whatever you want to call it. Not having it is like building a house and forgetting to install locks on the front door – and then putting up signs all over town inviting anyone and everyone to come and pinch your stuff.

Why digital security is more than just security…

However, the thing that not everyone gets is that digital security doesn’t have to feel like you’re entering Fort Knox.

You shouldn’t have to scramble around trying to remember passwords, searching Evernote or Notes for reminders, or trying three different versions of the password you use for everything before being locked out and having to wait for an email to reset it.

The computer password is six decades old, and some estimates suggest that, as individuals, we have each accumulated up to 150 passwords!

But time and time again the experience we put our customers through makes it seem like an afterthought.

UI and UX has moved on light years since we build the first websites and mobile applications, but digital security is stuck in the dark ages by comparison. We build beautiful interfaces and slick journeys, but then end up bolting on terrible authentication systems and clumsy password solutions, and then wonder why our customers get frustrated!

We need to get much, much better at applying the principles and thinking behind digital experiences throughout all aspects of the journey, not just at the front end, but through every touch point.

Capita’s shift towards digital…

We’ve highlighted the importance of digital security to digital transformation, and this is one of the areas Capita itself is investing in heavily as we accelerate on our transformation journey towards becoming a leading full-service digital transformation partner for our clients.

We’re extending our capabilities in digital security, and across other areas such as devops, rapid application development, experience design, data science, robotics and automation.

We’re building new solutions with partners such as Trusona, who share our view that digital security and a slick experience go hand in hand.

This builds on our existing strengths in software, IT and networks, people solutions and customer management as we build a true digital powerhouse – one capable of working with our clients to take the seeds of an idea and develop these into scaled solutions.

Few partners are able to confidently say that they can deliver end to end, from helping clients shape their digital vision and strategies, to building out from the foundations to the front end, to servicing and maintaining these platforms.

We’re working together across many parts of central and local government, in banking and insurance, telecoms and utilities, helping to build the digital platforms that will fuel the next decade of growth.

As we look to the future, we’re already preparing for the next wave of innovations, in the future of learning and work technologies, digital health, smart cities and connected citizens.

And digital security must be at the core of that vision.

Without trust from customers, without stewardship of privacy and without protection against fraudulent activities, we can’t deliver on our promises to our clients.

It’s that simple.

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Oli Freestone

Head of Institute, Capita

Oli is leading our Institute to provide digital thought leadership, research and insights. He has worked across multiple industries as a management consultant, and has expertise in strategy, technology and innovation. He is a regular contributor to leading publications on these topics.


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