Lady home learning

People and culture

The need for a reskilling revolution

Person using chatbot

Artificial intelligence

How can conversational AI help with disruption?

Clouds and blue sky in the countryside


Air quality - pure and simple, or toxic and complex?

School boy using tablet device

Artificial intelligence

What role does artificial intelligence and technology play in learning?

Customer service rep using headset

Customer experience

Seven tips for a better peak

Man using laptop

Customer experience

Which disruptive technologies are changing the future of customer experience?

Lady in public transport using lalptop

Customer experience

Segmenting data to find the keenest customers

Red electric vehicle


Supercharging the EV revolution

Pupils in school social distanced with masks

Artificial intelligence

10 changes AI could have on education in the next decade

Office employees with masks social distancing

Artificial intelligence

Using machines to complement humans

Customer service representatives

People and culture

Not at Davos - The skills dilemma

Man shopping


Customers are a disruptive force in retail. So disrupt back.

Calculating finances

Local government

How can local authorities maximise collections?

Man using phone in home

Artificial intelligence

Why 2020’s technology will take customer experience somewhere new

Online shopping

Customer experience

How can retailers turn a seamless experience into a sales driver?

Lady on business webinar

Local government

Rebranding planning - attracting new entrants to the planning profession

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