Enhancing council services through the power of automation

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Blending the power of Microsoft with our local government expertise

The benefits of automation for local authorities are clear: quicker, more efficient user experiences, and the ability to provide a better service using fewer resources.

But automation cannot happen automatically. Councils have specific needs, so finding a partner that understands your organisation is as important as identifying the right technology.

That’s why Capita and Microsoft are an ideal partnership. Microsoft provides cutting edge yet user-friendly automation technology whilst we have the expertise, gained from years of working with councils, to make sure your automation fits your needs. In short, it’s automation built for getting things done, by a partner who knows how to get things done.

Automation resources for local authorities


Local government roundtable report

We brought together senior representatives from several local authorities to discuss the future of automation, with a particular emphasis on the opportunities and barriers presented by the pandemic.

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Thought leadership: Is it time to trust the machines?

Austerity has made it harder for councils to meet their citizens’ demands. Could automation of complex tasks hold the key to delivering more with less?

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Wiltshire Council and Microsoft case study

Our automation partners explain how Wiltshire Council used Microsoft services to become one of the most cutting-edge councils in the country.

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Automation resources


Robot wars or automation alliances? People, technology and the future of work

We spoke to a range of business leaders and people whose jobs have already evolved in order to present a picture of the present and future of work.

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Taking the robot out of the human: how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help your organisation

We explore how RPA can provide an accessible entry point for organisations looking to begin their automation transformation.

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AI isn’t replacing, it’s transforming: AI and automation in a post-Covid-19 world

AI has been central to changes to the way we work during the pandemic. We explain why its real power is in the connections it creates, rather than the tasks it completes.

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How automation is helping us survive Covid-19

Just months after we published research into how AI, RPA and algorithms were likely to transform the workplace, the pandemic arrived and turbocharged the automation process.

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Automation diagnostic tool

As we look to the future of work, what impact will automation have on our workplaces – and our jobs?

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