As a sector, defence has always had a traditional approach to training and development. However, in an increasingly fast-changing world, the Royal Air Force (RAF) wanted to transform the way it developed the skills of its employees as part of a 10-year long focus programme. Our learning team was challenged to develop a future-thinking, blended approach that would modernise RAF training while seamlessly transitioning to the digital environment.

Modernising training and development

Within the armed forces, it’s even more crucial that training is tailored to the individual, while also being consistent in the way it is delivered. We were presented with the opportunity to establish a single point of learning for individuals within the military, offering clear career and development pathways.

Access to tailored, on-demand managed learning services

With our strong ecosystem and network, we’ve been able to support the RAF in their training evolution as their managed learning services provider. We reviewed the existing training processes to redesign traditional face-to-face content and create a blended learning experience under the title of ‘Astra Training’. The project's ambition is to provide service personnel with access to the learning they need, when they need it at any time, any place, and on any device.

With an agile approach, we utilised our commercial framework, skills and resources to deliver a solution at scale. The strategy involved creating a series of e-learning packages to support the development of individuals in their specific requirements, using technology and simulation to enhance the speed and quality of training. By establishing a process of analysis, design, delivery and validation, the RAF is now able to ensure individuals meet the required standards and are assessed to meet the same criteria. Building on the strong relationship, our learning solutions have been incorporated into the ongoing programme.

Vee Howe

Wing Commander


An impressive programme of works that will change the course of RAF training forever. The relationship was absolutely fundamental to our success.

Delivering efficiency, speed and cost-savings

This new future-thinking approach has created a blended learning experience, using digital solutions to enable change at scale. With the simplification and streamlining of existing learning and development processes, we’ve been able to increase the efficiency and speed of delivery. Phase one of the strategy was implemented within four weeks, saving individuals up to a week of training time and giving the RAF a combined saving of £1million.

The programme has received fantastic feedback with an overall satisfaction score of 'extremely satisfied' and a 100% score from participants when asked whether they would recommend our products and services to friends and colleagues. Speaking about the success, a Warrant Officer commented: “The product delivered was first class. There were great levels of collaboration and the Capita team was always very responsive to the customer needs.”

Over the 20-year campaign, Astra training will seek to revolutionise training and better enable next-generation people capability. Wing Commander, Vee Howe, commented on the programme as being “an impressive programme of works that will change the course of RAF training forever. The relationship was absolutely fundamental to our success.”

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