Supporting the John Lewis Partnership with instant access to archived data

We enabled the John Lewis Partnership to digitise and securely transfer 54,000 microfiche jackets containing some 1.2 million images.

Aintree nurse

Central government

Digitising hospital health records whilst ensuring interoperability

We scanned 55.2 million pages (350,000 files) of patient notes for Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to help rationalise space and resources.

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Enabling real-world data literacy with Single View

Local authorities need to be able to share, connect and visualise data to create better outcomes for communities, protect vulnerable people and improve the lives of individuals & families

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Creating healthier social homes by acting swiftly to assess damp and mould reports

Find out how we helped Your Homes Newcastle to alleviate the growing backlog of tenant calls so that all tenants’ concerns are treated equally and fairly.

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Central government

Using automation to streamline housing benefit calculations

We developed an automation solution to reduce Anglia Revenues Partnership’s yearly manual workload of 4,000 Verify Earnings and Pensions alerts.

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Central government

Campaigning the nation to safeguard their homes with the Gas Safe Register

Find out how we’re committed to improving public safety by educating the public about gas safety and how to report any concerns.

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Local government

Supporting a London borough council with flexible benefit claims processing

Our case study explains how we process over 70,000 benefits claims a year on behalf of a London council, ensuring the most vulnerable receive help in a timely manner.

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Why we get school admissions day right, every time

Our admissions software for local education authorities successfully processed 538,000 school applications in England in 2022 – over 45% of all made in England.

Healthcare - nurse searching files - 800*600

Central government

Optimising our health records improved productivity and care

Find out how Capita is optimising health records management and storage for Primary Care Support England (PCSE).

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Learning & development

Channel 4: The Menopause Manifesto

Offering the right kind of content—one that is pertinent, interesting, and meaningful—can benefit both the company and its employees.

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Welfare & employability

Putting applicants at the heart of the TPDPS process

Find out more about designed and developed by the Capita assessment process allowing the impact of a Troubles Related Injury to be assessed while putting the victim at the heart of the process.

Local government - son and mother - 800*600

Local government

Transforming the futures of even more vulnerable citizens through Single View

A joint venture between Capita and a city in South East England has turned around the lives of thousands of families.

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Local government

Tackling child poverty through data-driven partnerships

Plymouth City Council has been using Capita’s Single View and One Education management software to transform outcomes for children and families.

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Taking a people-centric approach to workforce development in the NHS

The People Plan sets out actions to support transformation across the whole NHS. Whilst all of its goals cannot be achieved overnight, we are committed to partnering with the NHS in order to help deliver on the People Promise and create robust and resilient public and private synergies.

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Capita’s multi-channel and cross-departmental customer service for FC Bayern Munich

Capita has provided FC Bayern Munich’s customer services since 2017, using a multi-channel and cross-departmental customer service concept.

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Optimising automation to serve citizens with greater speed and efficiency

Local authorities are optimising automation to serve citizens with greater speed and efficiency

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