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Dealing with huge legislation change by putting the customer first

When huge changes to UK pension rules came into force, it was going to affect over 220,000 of Zurich's customers.



Helping National Express to communicate with its customers

We worked with the company to ensure it could effectively communicate with all of its customers, in a number of languages, ensuring its website could reach users at a global, multilingual level.

Keeping customers happy at your busiest times

Customer experience

Keeping customers happy at your busiest times with smart planning

With our flexible, expert customer service teams, we're supporting William Hill during the sporting calendar’s biggest events.


Local government

Helping to improve Windsor Castle’s visitor experience through delivering planning resilience excellence

We have been working alongside Windsor and Maidenhead Council to help maintain the high standards of planning service excellence for the community and visitors to the borough.

Delivering a smart, connected Scotland

Local government

Delivering a smart, connected Scotland

With SWAN, we’re delivering one of the most ambitious and significant single public sector ICT initiatives ever carried out in Scotland.

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Customer experience

Supporting clients in a crisis with expert complaint handling

When there's a problem, getting the right help and support to our customers is a priority.

Luton homes, UK

Local government

Delivering building control excellence for the people and place of Luton

Helping to keep buildings safe and compliant across Luton through providing building control resilience.

How we helped a council to help children and families

Local government

Supporting children and families through a simpler one stop service

We're bringing together all the information from different teams across children’s services into one place.


Helping the residents of Chorley to expand their homes

We’ve been working with Chorley Council to help residents get their householder planning applications processed as efficiently as possible.

Inclusive workplaces


Improving the claimant experience for vulnerable people in society

We’re reducing travel time and distance for many claimants, making it easier for vulnerable citizens to access this service.

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Customer experience

Boosting customer experience by digging even deeper into data

We're helping our client to identify – and resolve – 'hidden' issues that are affecting their customers.

How we’re helping Salford City Council create a better and fairer Salford

Local government

Helping a city's regeneration through a pioneering partnership

Our joint venture is supporting Salford City Council in its commitment to citizens of 'a better and fairer Salford for all'.


Customer experience

Transforming customer service through Visual IVR

We're helping O2 to improve and join up the self-service experience for their customers through an award-winning Visual IVR service.

How Capita and ŠKODA are bringing a live car showroom directly to your living room

Customer experience

Boosting customer engagement by live streaming the showroom

We're helping ŠKODA to get in front of their customers, wherever they are, by streaming the car showroom to their devices.

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