Humans are known to be resilient, curious creatures. 

Still, given the rate of change in our world today, even the most adaptable among us sometimes need help navigating new concepts and processes. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the customer experience industry, where people on both sides of a call are likely enduring rapid change. For this reason, the relational element of customer service is more important than ever.

Making workforce resilience and adaptability a priority allows organisations – and those they serve – to be ready for whatever comes next. The ability to embrace change – whether that’s new technology, services or processes – directly enhances the ability to drive positive customer outcomes.

98% of organisations that handle change well are more profitable that those that don’t.

Organisations that manage change initiatives well share a set of defining characteristics. This paper explores that when a business consistently demonstrates the below characteristics, it’s considered to be “change ready.”

  1. Engagement - Colleagues are curious and open to change; they react positively to change and consider it an opportunity for growth and future success.
  2. Agility - Colleagues have an opportunity to be involved, participate in cross-functional teams, and share feedback. Company leadership values employees as important stakeholders and fosters their development.
  3. Transparency - Colleagues have clarity on what is required of them during a change initiative and understand the precise steps required to achieve success.

Change should be seen, not as a threat to the status quo, but as an opportunity for growth. Innovation, creativity, and learning – all the things that make us human – can thrive in an environment where change is supported.

Mastering the New Rate of Change

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