Covid-19 has forced organisations to reflect on and respond to how they engage, support and communicate with their customers.

The changes that Covid-19 has made to how they conduct their day-today business have been sudden and enormous. It has never been more important than now that they maintain strong and engaging links with their customers.

Customer experience is now centre stage

Customers are paying more attention than ever to the experience that organisations provide. It’s no longer enough to just stand out from the competition; organisations need to shift, evolve and revolutionise so that they provide a customer experience that’s responsive and sensitive to people’s situation. Moments like this are defining: how organisations respond today can have a lasting impact.

Customers are watching organisations to see how they act. Growth is often a driving priority but, during the pandemic, organisations need to manage this and shift their focus to how customers have changed their mindset and what it means for the customer experience that they provide. There are already signs that organisations are doing this: many have adopted an ‘all in this together’ approach to their customers and will no doubt reap the rewards once the pandemic is over.

Organisations’ ethics, values and ability to treat their customers with empathy are now being tested – if they pass the test, they’ll be rewarded with their customers’ loyalty, engagement and trust.

So, what do we do?

The question of what organisations should be doing now and in the post-pandemic was addressed by Fabian Wong, Capita’s Chief Creative Officer, in a recent virtual roundtable hosted with Criticaleye.

Fabian provided his five key tips for understanding what’s changed for organisations and their customers and how organisations can stay competitive in this new environment.

Read Fabian's top five tips

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