How we consume news, learning and educational content has shifted online and screen-based entertainment has moved beyond TV and films.

With this expansion of access, choice and delivery comes increased audience fragmentation, content fatigue and an emerging digital divide. Competition is fierce and boundaries between types of media are becoming increasingly blurred. Our demands for flexibility and control are growing, and we expect greater empathy from providers.

We’ve been working with leading consultancy Future Collective to produce in-depth reports of the current state of play across multiple industries and identify growth opportunities over the next 24 months. The media report includes insights such as:

  • How can media brands respond to consumer expectations of speed, immediacy, flexibility and control?
  • How can they meet the consumer need for hyper-personalisation and evolve their access models?
  • How can they simplify and provide easier interactions throughout the end to-end customer journey, from sign-up to usage and billing?

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