We’re in an age of extreme change and uncertainty, with financial challenges increasing for many people.

Talking to more than 100 million people every year, and as the largest FCA-regulated collections business in the UK, at Capita we’re very aware of the responsibility to treat customers with respect and empathy to make sure they get the help they need at the right time.

With evidence showing that businesses who treat vulnerable customers fairly could benefit from increased loyalty - which in turn can help protect their revenue in the future - it’s not just a moral necessity but sound business sense too. 

We commissioned Savanta, an independent market research company, to look at fairness in collections to better understand the issues facing those who currently have or expect to have unmanageable debt with the report including:

  • exploring the thoughts of those who are struggling to pay their debts through financial hardship
  • how consumers feel about contacting creditors and how they’d been treated by these organisations
  • how those in debt would like their creditors to deal with their current situation
  • how businesses are supporting customers with their debt issues throughout this difficult time
  • the solutions some businesses have introduced to reduce pressure on those struggling to pay their bills
  • whether organisations are doing enough for those who are in unmanageable debt
  • what improvements are needed within the collections process.
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