The recent turmoil in the energy market, including soaring bills and a rise in supplier failures, has reduced customers’ trust in energy suppliers.

The cost-of-living crisis has fuelled a sharp increase in fuel poverty, with many customers asking for help on topics ranging from bills rising beyond affordability and energy debt, to problems with customer service.

But is the response of utilities in terms of customer experience and restoring trust up to customers’ expectations? 

We’ve been working with leading consultancy Future Collective to produce in-depth reports of the current state of play across multiple industries and identify growth opportunities over the next 24 months. The energy report includes insights such as:

  • Why energy providers must explore opportunities to communicate and educate consumer to help navigate the barriers they face.
  • How a trusted provider can take the opportunity to become a partner during the energy crisis and do more to communicate with consumers. 
  • How tolerating barriers to communication is no longer an option. 
  • The vast opportunity to adopt new energy product journeys.

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