Transform information management in modern policing

In an era where data rivals the physical presence of police, our latest report with CoPaCC is a pivotal tool for reshaping law enforcement’s approach to information management. “From back-office to business-critical: The case for information management in policing” meticulously explores the synergy between advanced technology and foundational data handling practices, emphasising their role in GDPR compliance and public trust.

Key highlights include:

  • Technology-enabled policing

Discover how AI, data analytics and facial recognition are not just advanced tools, but the driving force behind a new era in policing strategy and effectiveness.

  • Robust information security 

Gain critical insights from UK policing data breaches to enhance your operational integrity and the security of sensitive information. 

  • Strategic data modernisation 

Confront the challenge of ever-increasing data volumes head-on. Learn about the essential updates needed for your information systems, ensuring your force stays efficient and at the forefront of digital innovation.

Moreover, explore the transformative power of partnerships and training as we unveil some of the best practices for information management. Delve into the complexities of the current landscape, characterised by technical debt and varied practices, and learn how collective responsibility and strategic collaboration can lead to compliance and enhanced efficiency.

This report is more than an informative read; it’s a roadmap for transforming policing. It calls on law enforcement agencies to prioritise information management – a critical step for creating safer communities, strengthening public trust and rigorously upholding compliance standards. 

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