There are many challenges in the justice sector that require innovative solutions – not least dealing with an increasingly growing prison population. 

Technology, such as electronic monitoring, already plays an important role in keeping the public safe and reducing the risk of reoffending. As the capabilities of technology continue to increase, there will be more opportunities to innovate.

In our latest report - The future of the justice system in the UK: Innovations to improve societal outcomes - we take a closer look at the expectations and opportunities that are likely to be seen in the justice sector in the coming years. We share valuable insights on the challenges that lie ahead and what leaders must prioritise to overcome them. The report explores:

  • Digital transformation: Thinking beyond resources, devices and technologies to ensure digital permeates through every team and department.
  • Data: Unifying data sets to paint a much fuller picture of individuals. 
  • Personalisation: Taking a more targeted, data-driven and predictive approach to electronic monitoring can reduce the risk of reoffending.
  • Devices: Using a wider range of apps and GPS technology, alongside electronic monitoring, can present a more holistic view.
  • People: Taking a citizen-centric approach to safeguarding.


Read our report to discover more about how you can skilfully navigate this rapidly changing landscape and use technology to successfully innovate and create better outcomes in your communities. 

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