Local authorities are under increasing pressures to respond quickly, and at scale, to fluctuating demands and unexpected events in their local communities. In an age of social media and online retail, citizens have greater expectations and want the ‘Amazon experience’ with omni-channel digital services that provide them with information and solutions seamlessly. 

Managing such expectations and maintaining day-to-day services at the required standards can become intensely challenging, leaving you with little time to drive innovation, reimagine services and transform operations to meet the future needs of local communities. 

All of this, and more, can be achieved by building resilience. In this report, we delve deeper into:

  • the issues facing local government today and how building flexible resilience can expand your capabilities to manage demands, whilst remaining focused on your long-term strategic goals. 
  • why it’s crucial to have the right resources – skills, knowledge and technology – to withstand the impact of climate, geopolitical, economic and other external uncertainties. 
  • understanding how the private sector uses partnerships and technology to create cost efficiencies and sustainable solutions for citizens.
  • cultivating smarter ways of working from adopting flexible workforces, improved service delivery models to embedding new technology – all of which can lead to richer citizen experiences, increased productivity and economic growth.

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