Health trusts must ensure their land and property provides value for money, real community and patient benefits, and supports the current and future demands of the organisation.

Yet too many NHS buildings are on life support, running costs have spiralled, and land assets have largely remained untapped as a source of service or capital gain.

In the current context, maintaining compliant and efficient healthcare estates can feel resource-intensive and a drain on finances, especially with evolving service priorities, clinical requirements, new working practices, government funding cuts, and the constant need to maintain operational resilience. 

To help alleviate the burden on Health Trusts, we’ve produced a practical report - The Healthcare Estate: From drain to gain - which provides a detailed overview of how to rise above these seemingly insurmountable challenges and change the trajectory of your estate optimisation agenda in the short and longer term. The report also offers insights into how sound data, effective analytics, fresh thinking and community engagement can serve as the bedrock to your success. Find out how to: 

-    Leverage data and insights - understanding a facility's capacity, cost, condition, or suitability is crucial. Knowing where to start from will help you manage progress, and understanding the data will provide insights on how to proceed. 

-    Level up your performance - utilise the right skillsets, data and insight to move forward with clarity and confidence, knowing that risks and liabilities are minimised, and sustainability objectives are met. This will support both your decision-making and funding processes.

-    Embed smarter solutions - capitalising on new technologies enables you to access emerging digital capabilities. By adopting smart technology, new wings and wards can be designed with implicit flexibility, and refurbishment programmes and integrated care can be optimised.

Download our report and discover new possibilities and progressive solutions, no matter where you are in your healthcare estate optimisation journey. 

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