You’re focused on achieving net zero, but getting there is a joint effort, and you need your customers on board. So, how can you ensure you’re engaging them as effectively as possible?

Understand who your budding net zero heroes are.

Our Readiness for Net Zero, persona report can bring you a little closer. We carried out extensive research with 3,000 consumers to understand attitudes and behaviours around net zero. We then analysed and segmented that data to define 8 personas, each with their own distinct circumstances, values, beliefs and barriers towards achieving net zero.

From these personas we’ve put together an insightful report which includes a detailed profile of each persona, including some insights into how utility providers might best engage with these groups, to help them have a journey to net zero that’s right for them, with the overall goal of reducing the carbon footprint of their customer base.

Download the report for valuable insights into:

  • the 4 groups of consumers with a higher propensity to be green, of varying ages and incomes
  • the 4 groups of consumers with a lower propensity to be green, based on a similar segmentation of age and income
  • how you can best help consumers from each group to reduce their carbon footprint, including understanding their key motivators so you can adopt the most effective engagement strategy.

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