Our retail trend report explores new consumer expectations and considers how retailers can respond with speed and agility, to invent and reinvent themselves as they problem-solve and innovate.

The pandemic has prompted a generational transformation in retail, changing the relationship between retailer and customer forever and sparking a whole host of new unmet needs and raised expectations that retailers of every size and scale have an opportunity to capitalise on.

The greatest change in global consumption patterns and behaviour is the migration to digital: for the first time ever, 50% of customer experiences recorded in the UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) were digital, as the pandemic forced even the most reticent online shoppers to embrace this channel.

As the relationship between customers and retailers becomes more remote, retailers are seeking to reshape experience from afar, with many of the most progressive players harnessing the latest digital technologies to deliver world-class service at every single step of the journey.

For those taking this approach, the prize is huge: service is fast becoming the greatest differentiator of all, with customer satisfaction proven to deliver higher profit as well as building brand advocacy and trust. Looking across today’s retail landscape, it’s clear that the winners are those with an innate understanding of their audience, and committed to driving real, enduring and positive change.

Examining each step of the customer journey in turn, download the report to access:

  • A valuable sourcebook of clear, actionable insights, ideas and inspiration for you to apply in your own business
  • A spotlight on brands and retailers who are already taking steps to exceed new expectations


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