The retail industry has just experienced a watershed couple of years, defined by unprecedented changes, brought on - at least in part - by the pandemic – high inflation, rising energy prices, the cost of living crisis, and ongoing geopolitical uncertainty.

And although as we head deeper into 2023 some of these issues may be easing off to a certain degree, it’s fair to say that we’re all stretched and needing to make our money go further. Retail brands, meanwhile, are navigating raised operating costs, ongoing supply chain pressures and narrowing profit margins. 

We’ve been working with leading consultancy Future Collective to produce in-depth reports of the current state of play across multiple industries and to identify growth opportunities over the next 24 months. The retail report includes insights such as:

  • The ways that consumers are looking for a heightened sense of value and connection from brands and retailers.
  • As consumers seek to be rewarded for their engagements, how the focus is on strengthening emotional relationships and enabling participation.
  • How personalisation has become a core consumer expectation – the need to meet their needs at each step of the journey, across every channel, and adapting to changes in real time.
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