How do you make the apprenticeship levy work for you when £3.3 billion of it is being returned to the government and expenses are rising elsewhere?

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Hosted in partnership with the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), this webinar focuses on the value and advantages of apprenticeships, and how to include business buy-in much sooner so that the levy can be utilised effectively. 

Fiona Hawkesley from Capita and guest speaker Candy Redfern from Sojourner discuss how to establish a learning culture and integrate learning into the workflow, discussing how apprenticeships can promote leadership development, re- and up-skilling, and favourable ROI effects. They also discuss how apprenticeships can be a positive move towards diversity and inclusion.

Key takeaways
  • practical guidance on levels of value from an individual, strategic, tactical, and political perspective
  • ROI - attraction/retention, filling in skills gaps including future skills, productivity, talent pipeline, succession, planning
  • recent survey results illustrating what’s important to employers in an apprenticeship – importance of learning experience, learner journey and more
  • recruitment – helping to build diversity
  • practical guide on building an apprenticeship strategy


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Fiona Hawkesley

Fiona Hawkesley

Client Director, Capita

Fiona has worked in the apprenticeship sector for over 25 years. Fiona was originally in a delivery and operations role and then moved to oversee client relationships and business development activity. Working with employers as part of a strategic partnership, Fiona has been passionate about apprenticeships and the benefit they bring to individuals and organisations - including social mobility and increasing the diversity of an organisational talent pipeline. Fiona is currently studying for a level 7 apprenticeship programme to continue her passion for apprenticeships.

Candy Redfern

Candy Redfern

Managing Director – Sojourner

Candy is an award-winning senior learning and development professional with expertise in
employee engagement, leadership and management development, sales enablement and
apprenticeship strategy. She is a qualified DiSC, Insights and Five Behaviours practitioner.
Candy founded Sojourner in 2020 with the aim of supporting organisations to improve
performance through the increased capability of leaders. Candy is committed to supporting the message of apprenticeships and has herself recently completed her Senior Leaders MBA Apprenticeship, she works with a local high school to talk to students about the opportunities of apprenticeships.

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