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We work closely with clients from across central and local government to support planning, designing, building and managing transport infrastructure.

We have a long history of cooperating with government agencies and organisations that supply transport infrastructure – such as airports, local and national roads and railways – as well as the various complementary services.

Our approach is based on undertaking a thorough assessment of the impact of what we are designing and delivering, including the social and economic effects, before deploying the very best in modern civil engineering technology.

Major national schemes we've worked on include designing Crossrail’s Royal Oak, Woolwich and Plumstead Portals, and we're one of the leading consultants on the HS2 design framework. And local projects, such as LED street-lighting, that significantly reduces both energy and cost.

We’re also involved in developing and managing other important high tech schemes, including:

  • active traffic management
  • managed motorway systems
  • road user charging and tolling systems (eg, London's congestion charge)
  • tunnel control and monitoring
  • real time passenger information
  • technology enforcement systems
  • traffic monitoring and control systems.
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