Easily produce engaging, interactive reports

Having access to timely and accurate data is essential for speedy and accurate decision-making. Report writing can be time consuming, exasperating, and can sometimes fail to deliver the clarity and impact you were aiming for.

Our business intelligence and reporting solution enables you to manage and run all your reports and performance indicators in one place whilst making it easy to create more engaging, graphically rich and interactive reports.

Users can create their own dashboards, with the solution accessible via desktop application or web client on a range of different devices. It’s easily integrated with disparate data sources, including our other housing software, to bring information together into a single, effective view, with drag and drop functionality to simplify pulling together the specific data you need.

Reports can be scheduled and exported via email and file-sharing in a range of formats, with the visually-appealing reports making it easier to understand valuable information from predictive analytics.

How our reporting solution helps


Unlock the power of data

Users can view all their data in one place, easily drilling through to the detail when they need to and being able to use their wealth of data for analysis and predictions.


Flexible and visually rich

Reports are simpler to produce and manage, with findings more likely to be received favourably because they look better and are easier to digest and understand.


Effortless integration

Easily integrated to connect disparate data sources, our solution includes a range of transactional reporting models covering the majority of the housing system with full data export capabilities.



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An end to end solution: additional modules to support organisational growth

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