Freeing precious resources to focus on children and young people

Every year schools and colleges see a tilt in the scales, with student numbers rising, but teaching staff and funding decreasing. Added to this are organisational, technological and structural changes and demands to boost efficiency.

Our specialist support services are used by over 3,000 schools and academies. These services are developed by experts with years of teaching experience and practical knowledge of how schools and further education and higher education institutions run.

Our flexible, intuitive software is helping over 100 UK local authorities to manage their education services more efficiently, connecting data securely for more informed decisions and early intervention, whilst our time-saving solutions free teams to focus on safeguarding children and delivering targeted support.

From managing the administration of the UK’s primary national curriculum tests to supporting local education authority staff to manage services efficiently and deliver better outcomes for all children, we're helping teams to focus on what matters.

Key statistics


➥ UK local authorities using our software to manage and improve education and children’s services.


➥ of Staffordshire pupils now attend good or outstanding schools compared to 63% in 2012.


➥ schools and academies supported by our HR & Payroll platform.

> 560,000

➥ School place applications successfully processed through our software in 2021.

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