Streamline grants to get funds to the right people fast

We understand the importance of being able to quickly stand up new grant schemes and to ramp up the delivery of existing schemes to disburse funds to a large number of vulnerable people - all whilst ensuring the highest standards of accountability throughout.

Which is why we’ve applied our extensive experience of processing high volumes of grant applications against eligibility criteria and multi-channel operations to design a fully automated end-to-end digital grant management platform which drives efficiency, transparency and usability to transform grant disbursement for grant makers.

Featuring back-office automation and customisable reporting, our flexible, integrated solution makes it easy to design and activate bespoke grants, using automation and integration with multiple data sources to validate information and process applications more quickly. Reduced manual processing delivers greater transparency and fewer errors in the system, while reducing the risk of fraud. Making it easier and more intuitive for citizens to apply for grants online, giving them a vastly improved user experience and supporting more successful, eligible applications.

By digitally enabling the grant management process, including the ability to link scheme outcomes and objectives more reliably, the platform matches the Government’s recommended six-step process for grant management, maximising the value of the public purse to improve social, economic and health outcomes.

Key statistics

15 years

➥ end-to-end fund disbursement experience


➥ public sector funds disbursed by Capita each year

Our solution – how Capita helps

The solution
What is it A highly automated end-to-end digital grant management platform
How it helps Reduces the administrative burden on scheme managers, making it easy to design and activate bespoke grants, offering a well-designed, intuitive citizen journey. 
Features include Automated processes mean less opportunity for human error, greater transparency and faster turnaround, while ensuring a larger number of compliant applications. 

Improved reporting of outcomes helps funders to optimise processes and gain insight into how schemes perform, while reducing the risk and cost of fraud.
Who is it for? Local and central government scheme funders looking to disburse grants to the right people efficiently whilst improving citizen experience.
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Key features

New schemes set up in days

Set up and launch new grant schemes in days with a fast, assured and effective solution.

Reduced costs

Halve the operational costs with artificial intelligence, automation and bespoke integrations.

Improved citizen experience

Speed up the disbursement process to get funds to those people who need them as fast as possible.

Protection from fraud and error

Reduced manual processing delivers greater transparency and fewer errors, complemented by sophisticated anti-fraud tools.

Understand performance

Gain real-time insights into your scheme’s performance for auditing, impact assessment and future grants planning.

Evidence the scheme’s impact

Track outcomes to measure your scheme’s success long after the last funds have been dispersed.

Why we’re uniquely placed to help

We have extensive, proven experience in processing high volumes of grant applications against eligibility criteria and multi-channel operations which we’ve applied to our new digital grants management platform.

Here’s just a flavour of our grants disbursement expertise:

  • 15 years of application-to-payment fund disbursement experience, ensuring financial support reaches the right people
  • We currently disburse over £14 billion of public sector funds each year for a variety of organisations
  • From energy efficiency schemes to student grants, we’ve worked with local and central Government bodies on schemes of all sizes
  • Our fraud prevention on the Green Deal scheme earned us a Cabinet Office Gold Award.

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