Helping you to maintain safe homes and enhance residents’ lives

Managing housing assets is increasingly complex, with additional pressure on housing sector budgets making this even more challenging. You need to keep the homes you run in good working order as efficiently and cost-effectively as you can, whilst keeping your residents safe.

We know asset management isn’t just about maintenance, repairs and development, but about the people who live in those homes, which is why we focus on ensuring you have the whole picture to deliver better homes and enhance the experience of the residents you serve.

Available as part of our comprehensive housing management suite, our cloud-based asset management software helps housing providers balance this, supporting with planning, resourcing, funding and maintaining all assets, from entire estates to individual properties, boilers and components. The easy-to-use, customisable web-based interface - compatible with mobile devices as small as a 10” tablet - provides teams with an instantly accessible, real-time view to manage, monitor and prepare for surveys, inspections and repairs. Having access on the move leads to an improved resident experience as teams can complete tasks quicker and in real-time.

Automation takes care of repetitive time-consuming tasks, whilst dedicated reporting tools ensure properties remain compliant with current legislation. Powerful analytics support everyone to make fast, informed decisions, with valuable management information for accurate financial forecasting.

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How our asset management software helps


Drive efficiency

The user-friendly console supports a more efficient workforce, including task automation for fewer errors, streamlined project management, reduced training time and travel, and a lower carbon footprint. Available where they have an internet connection, staff can access and update information regardless of their location.


Better data = better decisions & safer homes

With information about assets recorded securely in a single place, you have an in-depth, real-time 360° view of stock information. A high level of data integrity provides the whole picture for informed decisions about what needs servicing, repairing or replacing so you can better maintain safe places to live.



An enhanced resident experience

Being able to make better use of the resources available ultimately supports you in delivering a better resident experience as you’ll be able to keep everything in good, safe, working order, preventing a number of time-consuming and costly repairs, and prolonging the service life of assets



Protect and maximise your investment

Make better business decisions using in-depth, real-time data from your asset register, with confident forecasting and financial planning. You have complete visibility of your assets so can get the most value from them and focus efforts where they’ll have the greatest impact.


Simplifies legal compliance

Dedicated reporting tools and automated reminders help with meeting legislative and regulatory requirements such as the Decent Homes Standard, Scottish Housing Quality Standard, Welsh Housing Quality Standard and RdSAP, whilst smart information management simplifies audit returns.


The latest technology to support growth

Our asset management software is fully integrated with the other cloud solutions in our highly-regarded housing software suite, supporting your existing and longer-term requirements. Our no compromise approach ensures complete data privacy for you and your tenants.



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