Ease the pressure by empowering residents and partners to self-serve

Housing associations are under increased pressure from residents to improve their customer experience by digitalising services and allowing access to services at a time that suits them.

When residents and contractors are empowered to take action themselves, not only is it more convenient, but their online activity helps to speed up back-office processes by entering information which would otherwise fall to your team to input. These efficiencies result in resource being freed up to focus on more complex issues.

Our web portals give everyone – from social housing applicants and residents, to contractors and other partners - a 360° view of what’s important to them, 24/7 and 365 days a year, encouraging channel shift and supporting digital inclusion.

The secure portals are fully customisable - you’re in control of the design, layout and content to provide a completely seamless, consistent experience to anyone visiting the portal from your website.

Once on the portal, people can transact online in real-time, with this information automatically populating your housing management system. By encouraging citizens and contractors to use digital channels, you’ll reduce the operational costs of each interaction whilst freeing staff to focus their time on delivering a better service.


➥ One housing association we work with reported that over 90% of their tenants were accessing services via the portal

How our online portals help

Great for residents
Great for social landlords
Great for partners & contractors

Because the portal looks, feels and sounds like your website, residents are reassured they’re in the right place

Lower transactional costs with an always-on channel for residents, applicants, contractors and partners

Contractors can view and manage the repairs allocated to them, with all the information they need to perform their roles

They can view their account, update personal information, produce rent statements and pay using our payments portal, all at a time that suits them

Streamlines the processing of housing applications by giving real time calculations of applicants’ housing needs

Contractors can request payment via the portal, reducing invoice processing and paperwork for your staff

Makes it easier for residents to contact you, including giving notice, logging anti-social behaviour, scheduling repairs and creating Direct Debits

Easily login to update stock and manage waiting lists and shortlists, seamless integration with our CRM and contact management modules for raising complaints and permissions


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