Seamless citizen access and case management to support better outcomes

Co-ordinating the best possible support for children and young people with special education needs and disabilities (SEND) means pulling together a vast amount of information from different services such as education, health and social care, as well as from the young person and family themselves, with Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) shared with practitioners from those services.

Our solution includes user-friendly citizen and professional portals which integrate seamlessly with our intuitive case management software, automatically populating your back-office database.

Flexible case management tools make it easy to create personalised plans and manage workflows, including for assessments, tribunals and reviews. SEND teams can request and receive information from parents and professionals, and can share information securely so there are fewer phone and email enquiries. Further powerful functionality includes the generation of the statutory return to free staff from spending time producing reports.

The citizen portal gives parents and young people full visibility of progress, involving them fully by making it easy to share their views, whilst the professional portal enables collaborative multi-agency working. Professionals have the information they need to provide the most appropriate advice, and schools can better understand the requirements of their students to support them effectively.

Our SEND solution – who benefits?


SEND caseworkers and administrators

External SEND professionals

Parents and young people


Manage a more efficient and effective EHCP process

With access to a more complete picture, partners are better equipped to provide the most appropriate advice

Allows parents and young people to share their views directly via the citizen portal

Access to key information gives them a better understanding of the needs of their students with SEND so they can support children effectively

Demonstrate increased visibility and transparency of decision-making

Clear history of all the information shared with the SEND team

Gives full visibility of all the information provided by professionals and schools during the process

Automatic reminders of approaching statutory deadlines/timescales

Automatically collate information from various contributors, reducing scanning and re-typing

Automatic reminders of statutory deadlines/timescales

Flexible portal gives them more control over how and when to submit information

Easier to organise workflows more efficiently to ensure the most urgent cases are focused on first

Frees teams to spend more time providing support to children and families

Easier to organise workflow more efficiently so they can work on the most urgent cases first

Portal provides regular updates to tell them how things are progressing.


How our SEND management solution helps

Involve the child and family fully in EHC plans

Capture, store and reflect the views of the parents and child by allowing them to easily upload information and images via the citizen portal as they follow and participate in the assessment.

Effective multi-agency working

Share information about assessments and EHC plans with parents, young people and professionals via the portal, including the facility for all parties to upload and share documents.

Full control over access rights

Control portal permissions for parents, young people and professionals to view shared information for a particular child and specify the information to be viewed by authenticated users.

Keep everyone focused on deadlines

The timescale feature provides a clear picture of the status of an assessment, EHC plan or EHCP review. Record advice requests, with automatic message notifications to remind colleagues and partners to respond.

Less admin with integrated portals and database

By enabling colleagues and partners to share information via forms on the portal, you can reduce the administrative burden of re-keying or scanning documents and ensure all information is up to date.

Enhanced security for peace of mind

All authenticated users must complete a two-step verification process for the portals to ensure the child’s information can be accessed and shared securely.



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