Reassuring residents by bringing support into homes virtually

A home maintenance issue is an inconvenience at best, at worst it can be stressful. But sometimes issues can be rectified virtually without the need to send an engineer out and this then relieves the resourcing pressure on staff so they can focus on more urgent issues.

Our user-friendly video-sharing tool – ResponsEye - makes it possible to quickly understand the problem by sending a link – via a text or email - to the resident’s smartphone to allow live video to be streamed instantly to a housing manager or engineer.

Our brains are hardwired for visual communication – we process and interpret visual information tens of thousands of times more quickly, effectively and accurately than we do spoken information. Communicating visually saves time and ensures that both sender and receiver instantly share a clear picture of the situation.

Quick to set up and use, our accredited, cloud-hosted technology enables maintenance requests to be triaged without the need for an on-site visit. In the case of a boiler issue, the engineer can inspect it remotely and either talk the resident through some troubleshooting steps, or come equipped with the parts to do a swift repair that minimises contact and avoids unnecessary rescheduling. Housing officers can also support residents to complete benefits applications, sharing the session securely with colleagues for additional support.


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How our virtual housing solution helps


Efficient and effective use of resources

When a resident calls their housing association or local authority with a request, customer service have the information they need to mobilise the most appropriate response.

Together with the caller’s location provided by GPS coordinates, the live footage offers instant ‘on scene eyes’ to the call taker, providing immediate insight to help them assess the scenario and select the most appropriate and most effective response, either as a real-time immediate response or for a slow-time follow up.


A better resident experience

With no app required, it’s easy for residents to stream live footage directly to the call centre - they simply click on a secure, one-time-use link from any smart device.

Even as the resident is transmitting the images, the call handler can maintain voice contact. They have the information needed to mobilise the correct resources and can share the livestream with colleagues and partner organisations. Where signal coverage is poor, still images can be transmitted instead. The resident is always in full control of the session and can instantly pause or end the session if required.


Field workers are equipped for success

The live footage can also provide invaluable additional information to field workers who have been mobilised in response to the service request.

This supplementary information supports them to deliver the most appropriate response, providing an efficient and effective service to the resident. Also, all the media is recorded securely to support further investigation or training, with no footage stored on the resident’s device.



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