Preparing the insurance industry for automation

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Overcoming the practical challenges to ensure your automation strategy delivers a return on investment

Many leading insurers are accelerating their automation initiatives in order to improve the customer experience, streamline processes and unlock efficiencies.

However, to achieve success and avoid costly pitfalls it is critically important that fundamental operational, data and legacy challenges are addressed before projects begin.

To help you make a successful start on your automation journey, we’ve put together a webinar and a workshop so you can see what’s involved and understand your next steps.


Watch the automation preparedness webinar

Watch our recent webinar with key speakers from Capita, AIG and The Insurance Network which explores best practice in developing an automation strategy, and ways to successfully overcome data and legacy challenges.

Areas covered include:

  • Developing a strategic roadmap for automation
  • What are the approaches for successful data preparedness?
  • Successfully integrating (or replacing) legacy systems to facilitate automation
  • Creating a culture where automation is embraced rather than treated with suspicion

Automation discovery workshop

To ensure insurance organisations have the environment best-suited to meet their automation challenges, we are offering a workshop which comprises of a 4-stage discovery exercise to understand, document and clarify the next steps.

Our enterprise data and automation solutions are tailored to achieve this, with a fast and insightful exercise, ensuring the automation project undertaken is relevant, appropriate and cost-effective.

Book your automation discovery workshop