Our new white paper explores how making sure our sincerity is truly felt by our customers will better equip us to help the most vulnerable.

Out of the trauma of the last two to three years has emerged a trend for organisations to lean into kindness and empathy, something that comes naturally to us all as but that we may have not been making a business priority.

Capita’s recent research with Ipsos MORI revealed that empathy is one of the major factors that contributes to a positive customer experience. And yet, at some point empathy came to be considered a low priority in the buying journey.

Then the pandemic brought to light again the importance of treating consumers with empathy, and those who got it right reaped the benefits – from supermarkets expanding their home delivery services, to banks offering virtual financial appointments.

Our new white paper explores how in order to thrive in these difficult times, where vulnerability is becoming both deeper and wider, it is essential that businesses:

  • understand that the nature of vulnerability has changed and how this has brought new challenges
  • recognise that empathy must be at the forefront of the customer and employee experience, embracing the leadership of kindness and delivering service with sincerity
  • develop their internal cultures so that they support this approach
  • prioritise innovation and the technology that can help
  • appreciate that this is a situation that is not going away and that long-term change is needed


From the kindness everyone needs comes the sincerity to which we all respond. Download the full white paper below to find out more.

Download our white paper ‘Delivering service with sincerity to vulnerable customers’
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