Capita pensions solutions

We offer a wide range of personalised, end-to-end services to over 6 million members across some 600 pension schemes. These services include pensions administration, data & remediation solutions, software, actuarial, investment, scheme management, and member communications.

Key statistics


6 million +

➥ how many pensions members and pensioners we serve


2,000 colleagues

➥ the number of Capita pensions colleagues


Our future ambitions

Our people sit at the heart of our business, which is why we focus on investing in our people with the aim of becoming an employer of choice. All administration roles have new minimum salaries and we’re keeping salaries under review. We’ve introduced flexible working as standard, so everyone can choose to spend their time in a place that works best for their work/life balance. And you’ll have access to financial support to create a better, safer home working space if you need it. There’s a strong focus on both training and development, as well as health and wellbeing. And we’re listening to our people, through our colleague surveys, to continue to make changes for the future.

With so much of our daily lives spent online and using digital channels, we’re focused on becoming ‘digital first’, investing £4.5m to help us achieve this. This investment is an exciting opportunity to harness new innovations and simplify pensions further for our customers.


Meet our people

Hear from some of our colleagues about how working here has offered them the chance to grow a more rewarding career.

“It’s helping people feel secure about their future.” That’s better.


“It’s having the support to explore my potential” That’s better.


“It’s the flexibility to work in a way that suits me.” That’s better.

Current opportunities

Pensions administrator

In this role, you’ll provide the full lifecycle of administrative services to our clients, scheme members and their dependents. As part of a team, you’ll help to shape and maintain resilient and responsible pension strategies and you’ll ensure that work is delivered to a high standard, while being compliant with regulations.

Senior pensions administrator

Your experience, insights and expertise will help to ensure our teams are always delivering to the highest standards of customer service. You’ll oversee the work of more junior colleagues, offering mentorship as they learn and develop. And you’ll challenge your teams and the wider business to deliver more resilient and responsible pension strategies for the future.

Where could you work?


Pensions Operations

Specialist services
The specialist services team looks after the largest pension schemes in the Capita portfolio, including Morgan Stanley, The Environment Agency and Unilever. They work on multiple transaction types from processing scheme leavers to ill health quotations and bereavements.

Member events
Our member events team provides full service pension administration to 180 private sector clients. This involves servicing the retirement journey for over 1.2 million people and their families. The team is made up of 300 people working in administration and technical roles.

Teachers’ pensions
The Teachers’ Pensions Scheme is the second largest public sector pension scheme in the UK. We’re responsible for the administration of pensions for all England and Wales teachers who have opted into the scheme. The scheme collects contributions of around £9bn per year, from 13,000 employers, and we administer the pensions for nearly 2.2 million teachers. The core operation team is made up of over 200 people working within administration and management roles.


Our consulting team offers expert advice and guidance to help organisations navigate the challenges and risks that come with modern pension schemes. They work across 150 schemes and within five core service areas: actuarial, investment, corporate consulting, de-risking and member education.

Scheme finance and treasury

Our scheme finance and treasury team is made up of accountants, assistants, team leaders and client managers. They provide full accounting and treasury management services for over 400 pension schemes. Their work is fast-moving and focused on looking forward, to keep up with evolving regulations and enhanced systems and controls.


Supporting your career

    When you join us, you’ll be assigned a buddy and will have regular check-ins with your line manager for support. As you progress, you’ll discuss where you want to take your career and be supported with any training or courses you need to develop. All qualifications are fully funded, including pensions management institute certificates, diplomas and masters degrees. You can grow and develop across a wide range of departments within our pensions business, as well as within the wider Capita business.

    We’ve created new career pathway models to support progression and this has already had an impact, with more people promoted in 2021 than previous years. We’re supporting our managers with a ‘Front Foot’ management training programme so that they are able to develop high-performing, well-motivated administration teams. And we have a pilot apprenticeship scheme in place to nurture talent.

    Our pensions schemes and the work involved with them varies widely and means that no two days here are the same. Our work is challenging, exciting and offers you the opportunity to gain wider experience. We work as one team, collaborating, innovating and changing our business together. Here, you’ll be listened to, supported, entrusted and empowered to help make this a great place to work, a place where you can feel proud to know you make a difference.

    As part of our ongoing efforts to support our people, you’ll have access to both our Inclusion Hub and Wellbeing Hub. They’re filled with guides, resources and material around inclusion and diversity, as well as physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing. We’ve created eight employee networks where people can connect, offer support and raise awareness around different topics. They include the Rainbow Alliance (LGBTQ+), Embrace (Race and Ethnicity), the Gender Equality Network, the Wellbeing Network, the Multi-faith Network, Capita Ability Network, the Generation Network and the Family Network. And we have in place the Capita Employee Assistance programme, which gives colleagues access to counselling services 24/7, all year round.


    Our people stories

    Dawn Tingle


    Dawn Tingle, Team Manager (on secondment)

    “I’ve definitely got that passion for helping people. I like seeing what people's aspirations are, understanding where their strengths lie and how I can support them to improve their capability and grow in their role.”

      After a few years, I began to feel like I wasn’t learning anymore and I’d progressed as much as I could. I enjoyed the role, but it was more focused on the technical side than on people management, which is what I’ve always enjoyed. I’ve definitely got that passion for helping people. I like seeing what people's aspirations are, understanding where their strengths lie and how I can support them to grow in their role. So, I began looking into becoming a HR advisor and spoke to the HR team about making a move. Then I was approached about a project role. Again, they’d listened to me and thought my background made me well-suited for the role.

      It wasn’t an easy decision as my manager told me I was highly thought of and I’d be greatly missed. I was torn between the two roles, but what really tipped the balance was seeing the opportunity to progress, to keep learning and make a difference. Now I’m supporting on the people plan project; writing team manager assessments, building pension solutions career paths, rewriting role profiles. It’s an 18-month secondment and there’s a lot of opportunity to get involved with additional work.

      The next step for me is to get a qualification. I’ve loads of experience, but no HR qualifications and that makes it more difficult when looking for a HR role. So I’m currently waiting to start my CIPD Level 5 qualification and that’s completely supported by Capita.


      Fraser Stewart, Business Development Manager

      “It was the size of Capita that really appealed to me. There were opportunities not just within pensions, but within the wider company.”

        It was the size of Capita that really appealed to me. There were opportunities not just within pensions, but within the wider company. I had the chance to work in various departments and roles without needing to have any set course. That’s how I discovered that I really enjoyed working within the sales and marketing department. I liked going to industry events, meeting potential new customers and trying to shape new business deals.

        Then I was introduced to the bid support team and, after the graduate programme finished, I found a role as a trainee bid manager. I worked my way up to bid management level and then decided to move into frontline sales, to become a business development manager. It was quite a jump at the start, both in terms of seniority and type of the role, but I was able to gradually gain more experience and see if the role was right for me. Now I’ve been in the role for five years.

        My manager is supportive of my plans for the future. I’m enjoying sales, but I’m also interested in moving into client management. So I’m working with my manager to see if we can find a role that might be able to combine the two, either within pensions or potentially on a secondment elsewhere.

        I’m able to work flexibly around my family. My daughter’s just turned one and I had two weeks of paternity leave when she was born, plus a couple of months off in the summer as shared parental leave. Now, I have fortnightly catch-ups with my manager, where we speak about how things are going. I’m actually starting a flexible working arrangement with condensed hours, so that one afternoon a week I can look after my daughter.

        I think it's quite exciting to join Capita right now. We've been through a transformation and there's been real investment in how we work. There’s a lot of opportunity and potential for individuals to have a career here. You might start in pensions administration, but there’s no reason why you can't branch out into other areas of the company. You have a lot of options when you join Capita.

        Fraser Stewart
        Sally Haywood


        Sally Haywood, Pensions Team Manager

        “I have to say I was extremely green at the start but it’s been so good to learn something new and see the difference we can make.”

          I knew somebody else who worked for Capita and they recommended the pensions team. I came in as a pensions team manager and I have to say I was extremely green at the start. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, but it’s been so good to learn something new and see the difference we can make.

          Pensions takes you from employment right through to when people sadly pass away. At that point, we have to deal with the death benefits and any surviving family members. More and more often these days, we’re seeing cases with short time frames and terminal illnesses, so we have to be really efficient and organised to have a quick turn-around for the family.

          There was one case that sticks in my mind the most. A family contacted us about a lady who was a member and who only had about two weeks left to live. She was the main breadwinner of the family and they were at risk of losing their family home without her income. Normally, it would take at least a month to process a lump sum payment and there’s a lot of paperwork involved, as well as a panel. So we had to work quickly, lining everything up, so that as soon as the medical evidence came in, it could go to the panel and they approved it the same day. I was ringing the family every day to keep them informed, so they knew how hard we were working for them. We managed to make the payment within 11 days, which is just incredible, and then the following day she passed away. Had we not got everything in place, there was a potential that they wouldn’t have got that payment in time. I find these cases very emotive, to be honest. I lost my best friend to a terminal illness at the start of lockdown, so I really do understand why what we do is so important.

          After the case was completed, the family took the time to get in touch with Jon Lewis, our CEO at Capita, which was really lovely considering their own personal circumstances. They told him how much we’d done and why it meant so much to them. And that led to me being nominated for a Hero Award, for succeeding in delighting clients and their customers. It was amazing to see that Capita appreciated our work, just as much as the family did.

          It’s not all sad cases either. There are people who’ve worked for over 40 years. They’re retiring and need us to help them through that journey, so they can have the retirement they’ve dreamed of. It’s a really rewarding role either way.


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