Donald is a clinician with Capita Recruiting Partnering Project (RPP). When he left the Royal Air force, he wanted to find a way to continue to use his skills and experience, and that’s when he heard about Capita. Here’s his story of finding a role which bridges the gap between civilian and military life.

I joined the Royal Air Force as I was very interested in aviation medicine. The route to doing practical aviation medicine was to become a general practice medical officer and be engaged with the flying squadrons. Through this, I gained a whole range of diverse skills in clinical medicine, human factors and survival physiology.

In my final years in the Royal Air Force, I was looking for a role that would allow me to use both my military and my clinical experience. By chance, the opportunity to join Capita RPP came up where I was in a post at DMS Whittington at Lichfield. It’s been fantastic as it’s meant that I could maintain the link to the military and work near where I live.

Helping others to achieve their aspirations

What I really enjoy about being a clinician in Capita is helping the Army candidates who really have set their hearts on having a career in the Army. For some of them, it's not a problem; they're perfectly fit, and they go straight through. There are others who you have to help. Being able to say at the end of an examination to some of these candidates that they've passed, makes my day. I have already moved to a new role in Capita where I work with Army Occupational Medicine Team to help candidates with complicated medical histories get through the examinations, and this work allows us to develop medical standards using evidence from real cases we deal with. It’s a very fulfilling role.

My experience is valued and listened to

I'm the only one of the senior clinicians who’s spent a lot of time in the military. So there are times when I can help ensure what we do is in context with the military roles the candidates will take on, or identify why a medical condition may or may not be a problem in the future. I'm a bit of a ‘go to’ because I can relate to both sides. I enjoy that interaction and it enables me to use my skills effectively.

One of the best things about working for Capita is that there’s a very horizontal hierarchy. You’re encouraged to be involved and to speak up and participate. Capita makes it very easy for you to feel included and to be part of the team. I think for people like myself, who have spent some time in the military, it's a natural progression move to a role like this, because you have knowledge and skills that are readily needed. And that makes it so rewarding.

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