We recognise that our clients need something more

Our clients are asking for a different kind of consulting.  Their customers and competitors are changing rapidly – so they need to move quickly not incrementally.

Capita knows how their organisations operate today - we are already there running critical and core business processes, so are uniquely placed to help drive change.   

Our teams take ideas from innovation to delivery.  We understand the specific operational and people management challenges that come with change, so we can anticipate them.  This helps our clients implement new thinking more quickly so they are more successful as they adapt.

The core teams are small, agile and creative, with access to platforms and talent through multiple channels and partnerships.  We value simplicity over complexity, and we want to be known for the speed, energy, and openness of our approach.

How does it work?

Small consulting teams with deep industry expertise work with clients to produce digital strategies that work. Accelerator teams then use prototypes to demonstrate how these business solutions can be rapidly integrated into our client’s business. 

Our digital factory scales these in collaboration with clients, underpinned by reliable delivery capabilities. We then run business and technology platforms that can be white labelled and offered to multiple clients.  We measure everything, learn and progress so our clients achieve rapid, sustainable growth. 


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Technology traps wealth managers must avoid

Digital transformation is non-negotiable if wealth managers wish to stay competitive and market-relevant. But they must pick their paths carefully.  

As this report highlights, many hidden technology traps lay in wait for wealth managers. Firms avoiding them will realise the full potential of digital technologies faster, and maximise their positive impact right across the business. Those falling prey to them may be counting the costs for years to come. Much depends on knowing where missteps commonly occur.

At Capita Consulting we work alongside an ecosystem of innovative, world-class technology partners dedicated to wealth management. Our expertise and best practices can help you deliver successful and sustainable digital technology change. Have an idea or a problem? We can help.

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Our industry experts

Deeply experienced in their field, our industry experts draw on direct working knowledge of each industry sector and are recognised as forward thinkers. 

Our capability experts

From cloud service, to design thinking our new consulting service has brought together some of the most technical "big" thinkers in the marketspace. In combination with the industry experts, this team enables us to think bigger, broader and deliver incredible tools, products, services and results.

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Capita Consulting’s engineering practice

Capita Consulting is developing a design-and-build capability that radically improves the speed to market of digital services using cloud-based delivery models.  We are helping our clients as they move from the traditional expensive (and often inflexible) Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) models to ones that utilise the speed, agility and economies of scale of Business Process as a Service (BPaaS).

Rather than installing and managing the complete “compute and storage stack on-premise” and retaining delivery and processes in-house, clients are increasingly using standardised cloud-based delivery models such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and BPaaS. These models offer the benefits of agility and responsiveness and at a much lower cost to serve.

We offer a model that creates user focused design that is also able to radically reduce the time between prototypes and live propositions.  This speeds up the end-to-end lifecycle by reducing the time taken between design, development, operations and delivery to market.

We do this by working with existing, mature capability teams and technologies. We incorporate models with a proven track record of delivering excellence and add new, innovative capabilities and ideas.

Bespoke Solutions

Our consulting support services

Our consulting services incorporate two specialist Capita businesses.

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As leaders in service and experience design, we use human insights and data to change the way our clients see, run and grow their organisations.

By working in partnership with leadership teams, product owners and service directors, we are able to plan, design and deliver innovative solutions that transform human experiences and create lasting value for our clients.

Putting people first.

We help global organisations, brands and governments deliver authentic, profitable and engaging experiences.

By putting users at the heart of products and services, we transform the quality and value of our clients’ customer relationships.

Our human-centric design approach enables companies to anticipate and exceed customer expectations whilst surpassing business requirements.

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Organisations that get more value from their data outperform their competitors, It’s as simple as that. However, finding insights in an ever-growing mountain of data isn’t always that simple... that’s where we come in.

Barrachd creates data and analytics solutions that help uncover the insights that not only drive understanding but fuel efficiencies, increase flexibility and impact the bottom line.

We are experts in data transformation, advanced analytics, structured reporting, AI, predictive and social media analytics. Our solutions help to determine a plan, report what actually happened, why it happened and what’s about to happen next.

We have dedicated teams of data and analytics experts. So, no matter where the data is - or what system holds it - we know how to extract it, while our analysts will guide your strategic journey to uncover better business insights and unlock the value in your data.


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