From helping you better understand your new software stack, to the additional benefits that can be unlocked from your existing estate - or simply seeing how much you can save around your license renewals - our team make sure you get real value from your technology.

Our partner eco-system is extensive, so we’ll use our long-earn expertise to deliver the right data, analytics or cyber security software for your organisation.

And then we’ll make sure that it runs exactly as it should.

Key statistics



➥ UK-based; security cleared support team



➥ Premium support. We offer a range of service level agreements available, including a five-9s option



➥ Framework quality of service supports organisations and individuals to gain optimal value from IT and digital services

The service you expect… and then some


Your licencing partner

When it comes to buying licenses, we make no assumptions about what you’ll need. Instead, we work to understand your short and long-term goals so that you neither overbuy nor under buy. With a trusted partner eco-system, we help you navigate the licencing maze, saving time, money and stress in the process.


Innovative products

When innovative solutions don’t exist, we create them. Our in-house product development team create market-leading software, which can be deployed instantly through a licences agreement, as a managed service, or as a bespoke deployment, allowing you to fuse and customise your insights. 


Solution support

Our support is like an extension of your team, although we’ll be troubleshooting from day one to avoid these support calls in the first place. Still, our dedicated consultants will understand your organisation and your environment from the inside out, so if trouble does happen, we can react fast. Our support expertise.

Actionable insights from alternative data


Discover Monatair, our multi-source, social media intelligence tool. React quickly to gain a time advantage, or analyse engagement to spot trends, track performance and unearth potential opportunities. 

We’ll help you with the licencing and support you need to deploy our social media intelligence platform and unlock understanding in alternative and open data. 

Uncover your advantage with social media intelligence

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