Meeting the digital demands of modern policing

Policing is facing an ever-changing demand for service, increasing public expectations, evolving and complex crime types, and new political initiatives. This is not a new reality, but in the new normal, forces need to be more efficient with the resources at their disposal and still manage threat, risk and harm.

We collaboratively design and implement innovative, digital solutions that meet the needs of UK policing; that can mean developing bespoke digital proof of concepts, delivering force-wide data transformation projects, or supporting a shift to agile ways of working.

We leverage our deep expertise and experience in policing and develop user friendly solutions to ensure police forces and agencies have the skills, tools, and systems in place to safeguard the communities they serve, to improve operational capabilities and process efficiencies, enhance resource and demand generation, protect the vulnerable, and reduce threat risk and harm.

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Our digital policing portfolio

“From the very first meeting we had it was clear to see that we were dealing with professionals who knew their industry and exactly where they could help us. Their approach is one of support, practical solutions and pragmatism which is a breath of fresh air after working with so many consultancies and suppliers where every problem has an extra cost.” Danny Sowden, Performance, Research & Analysis Manager at Greater Manchester Police

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