One way Capita chronicles success is by celebrating the highly engaged people committed to making a significant impact. Those at the core of our business will always be our greatest asset and we pride ourselves on attracting and holding onto talent for future growth.

Together in Scotland, our dedicated and knowledgeable team drives Capita forward by ensuring that Scottish connectivity is at the heart of the work we do. Their contributions are both valued and appreciated. They work tirelessly to improve the quality of our services, going above and beyond for our customers, and work seamlessly to deliver a single shared network infrastructure across Scotland’s public sector. Our outstanding customer satisfaction scores give a clear indication of the value they bring.

Meet some of the team who are resolutely passionate about advancement, innovation, and better long-term outcomes for the people of Scotland.

Tom McLaughlin
Solution Director

With a track record of working alongside the Scottish public sector since 1996, using technology to help improve public services, Tom has been involved with the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN) since 2012. As Solution Director, he is now responsible for ensuring that all technology, service, and programme elements of the next evolution of SWAN remain closely aligned, while enhancing the experience of SWAN customers and their service users.

David Bennet
Connectivity Architect

Responsible for designing and developing network connectivity, David brings a wealth of experience to the team and plays an integral part in ensuring that Capita is inclusive of all market capabilities and broadband carriers.

    Using almost 30-years’ experience, working closely with many public sector customers, Tom’s focus is on challenging the status quo. He believes that there are always better ways of exceeding customer expectations, and he works to combine Capita’s expertise with the best partners and services to find these, and to help the public sector deliver.

    “I first joined Stiell Networks, a small Scottish networks specialist in 2001, from a global network provider, mainly for the opportunity to work more closely with Scottish public sector customers. Since 2009, when we were acquired by Capita, we’ve been able to keep that same focus, but supported by the resources of a much larger team.”

    “One of the things that keeps me at Capita is that we are now a very purpose-led organisation, with a simple goal: “We create better outcomes”. This purpose flows through Capita from the top down, defining the way we work with clients, partners and eachother.”

    Tom has been tasked with focussing on the next generation of SWAN.

    Track record
    “Thinking back to 2012, SWAN was a revelation for me. I have always lived and worked in Scotland, and the opportunity to help drive genuine benefit across the country’s entire public sector was almost the dream job."  

    “The first external measure of the value we were adding was in March 2017, less than 3 years after we’d delivered our first circuit, when the Scottish Government stated that we had already saved the public purse over £30M. That felt good.”

    From contract signature in February 2014 to today, we’ve strived to do what’s best for our customers, and while we’ve faced some issues along the way, we have taken responsibility and fixed them.”

    What’s next?
    The original SWAN framework starts to wind down from April 2023, and the public sector now has to decide who they trust with building on the achievements of the last eight years.

    “You always feel both nervous and excited at this point in a long-term customer relationship. We desperately want to keep making a difference and delivering services that matter to the country, and we have been sharing some great ideas for how we can enhance services even further. At the same time, you are always conscious that there are credible competitors who want to deliver these services too.”

    “And that’s where, I believe, our purpose differentiates us – we really want to keep creating better outcomes.”

      Having worked at Capita since 2015, David has proved himself as an accomplished member of the senior leadership team. His role as Connectivity Architect includes managing the development of the network in line with customer demand, liaising with suppliers and service providers, and ensuring that Scotland’s single public sector network evolves at pace, in a way that is robust and secure. 

      Collaboration at our core
      “I’m responsible for preparing proposals for customers, taking their requirements for services, and working out the most effective way of delivering them. This involves connectivity considerations, impacts, and negotiations. We’re driven by our customers’ needs, and they identify what their priorities are for products,” says David, who trained as a quantity surveyor and has previously worked in construction and manufacturing.

      Throughout his seven-year tenure, David has witnessed the continuous enhancement of the network. “To some extent my job has become easier! In the early days, we had to get services up and running that weren’t there previously. The contract has now reached a more mature stage and we continue to show impressive performance overall.”

      The only way is up
      David reflects on the impact the contract has made from the very outset and the integral contribution he has played. Something he is most proud of is the significant improvements Capita has made to local authority infrastructure. “Better connectivity in remote and rural areas, where there really isn’t a lot of existing infrastructure by any broadband carriers, is an ongoing challenge we’re committed to changing. So delivering solutions to a defined timescale and within budget is a continued area of focus.”

      “For example, we’ve worked with several different local authority groups to build dark fibre networks. These have all been partnership projects that we’ve been able to bring in under our connectivity pledge to Scotland. As well as building connectivity at the start of the contract for customers, we’ve offered new and different solutions to the existing framework.”

      More choice, greater results
      Contemplating what the future holds for Scotland’s digital landscape, David expresses optimism on managing the migration from copper to future-proof technologies. “Currently 70% of our services are delivered on a legacy copper infrastructure. The move to full fibre will involve new and different types of services to a vast majority of our sites. This is one indication of how we are always keeping up momentum and moving forward. While challenging, it will undoubtedly contribute to our success.”

      Claire McKaveney
      Service Delivery Manager

      Claire sits at the heart of service delivery for the Health and Social Care sector and has witnessed first-hand the move towards digital transformation within Scottish Health over the past eight years, as well as the shift in both connectivity and service demands this has generated across the Health Boards of Scotland. Claire’s passion, commitment and focus is abundantly clear to customers and colleagues alike.

      Caroline Cross
      Resource Planning Manager

      Responsible for the co-ordination and management of network field engineers, Caroline works tirelessly to ensure they are fully supported whilst simultaneously ensuring our customers are completely satisfied. As Resource Planning Manager, she’s adept at deploying field engineers to some of the most remote areas of Scotland, in some cases with only a few hours’ notice, making the seemingly impossible…possible.

        Since joining Capita in 2016, Claire quickly established a reputation of dependability for her valued work and unwavering passion for the Scottish Health and Social Care sector. As Service Delivery Manager, she continues to offer first class engagement for key customers of Scotland’s single shared network, which is regularly recognised by those she supports.

        We’ve come so far
        “Joining the team in the network’s infancy has meant that I’ve witnessed the transformation first-hand,” says Claire. “Seeing Scotland’s digital ambitions realised in the healthcare space makes me very proud. It’s now significantly different to what it was, especially since the service is reaching some of the country’s most remote communities.”

        With a critical national infrastructure spanning the length and breadth of Scotland, the network has 6,000-plus connected sites in the Highlands, Lowlands, Islands and cities. “Hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacies and dental practices make up over 4,000 of those.” 

        Recognition of milestones is important to Claire, and she credits her colleagues for “making miracles happen” over the past six years. “When I was first assigned to Health and Social Care, the infrastructure in place was really challenging. I worked very closely with the project team who triumphed on the engineering and service front. They played a key role in project delivery from the very beginning. Their knowledge and perspective were invaluable.” 

        In this together
        Claire’s most significant achievement is leaving nobody behind on the journey. Her strategy was to single-handedly target each of Scotland’s 14 regional Health Boards and seven special NHS Boards to ensure they were all included. 

        “Each board is unique, so I contacted our stakeholders individually to find out what their challenges were. For example, places like the Highlands, Western Isles and Shetlands are logistically challenged because they are islands. I didn’t want them to feel overlooked, so I worked hard to understand their wants and needs.”

        She also cites how the network’s service desk is a crucial component. “We have a major responsibility for the service and its everyday impact - I take that very seriously. For this reason, I lead presentations on projects so that everyone on the team understands the implications and impact of our work.

        Our hunger to realise our digital ambitions and collaboration potential is evident. As a team, across all levels, we’re hugely proud of the value we deliver on a daily basis to the Scottish public sector. With passion and commitment, we aim to build and grow to drive further value for Scotland.”

          Appointed as Resource Planning Manager for Capita in 2014, Caroline has mastered the art of efficiently deploying field engineers. She makes it her priority to arrange site appointments through optimised schedules and routes. Renowned for her quick thinking, she often takes creative measures when challenges arise.

          Resourceful and resilient
          “The resource planning team is the hub of Capita‘s field operations in Scotland.” Caroline explains. “We administer all requests for faults, installations, and anything that requires a man in a van. Sometimes we’ll get a critical fault and have just 15 minutes to respond. We will do a lot of juggling and negotiating to get the right people with the right skills to the sites. Response timings are one of, if not the most important part of the job.”

          Caroline deems resourcefulness and resilience as core components of her role. “The planning team has multiple jobs happening at any one time. I manage a team of field engineers who visit sites all over Scotland and do the physical work there. I also have a team of home-based engineers who run tests and diagnostics on the network. So, in some cases, with both engineering resources combined, it comes down to good co-ordination, planning and communication to meet every demand.”

          Making the impossible, possible
          When faults occur in remote locations, a good deal of imagination is required too. 

          “I sent a field engineer to our sites on the Isle of Arran recently. Everything was meticulously planned, including ferry bookings, overnight accommodation, and a precise schedule of the sites he would cover. Unfortunately, the ferry he was due to board crashed - I had to think quickly and send him from another port so he still arrived at the agreed time.”  

          “On another occasion I had an engineer island-hopping in Orkney. The best way for him to get from one island to another ended up being by sea plane. The only one running at the time was full, but through negotiations and the kindness of another passenger, we managed to get him a seat. It’s unforeseen circumstances like these where I have to act fast. The only thing that is constant in planning is change.”

          Caroline is also a huge advocate for the development and training of her team, ensuring the field engineers are fully supported, developed and equipped to provide the best possible service for customers.

          For Caroline, the unique working culture is what makes her role so fulfilling. “Teamwork is a key component here. Every single person is deeply passionate about what they do. That’s what makes our company so special.”

          Leah Leslie
          Service Delivery Manager

          Responsible for supporting Scotland’s customer community, ensuring that we meet and exceed our obligations, Leah ensures all processes are aligned with contracts and service agreements. As Service Delivery Manager, she’s a highly valued member of the team.

          Dillon McPherson
          Project Manager

          Having joined the Capita SWAN team almost 3 years ago, Dillon has worked on several projects and initiatives. As Project Manager, he’s currently responsible for championing the implementation of complex connectivity projects in the Highlands and Islands and is considered one of the rising stars of the SWAN community.

            Appointed Service Delivery Manager in September 2019, Leah makes it her priority to forge meaningful connections and trusted relationships with her colleagues and customers. It’s her responsibility to facilitate and oversee the effective delivery of IT and network services, ensuring that processes are aligned with contracts and agreed service level agreements.

            Dedicated to the Scottish people
            “I love working for such a customer-centric company,” says Leah. “My key role is to establish the needs of the customer and drive satisfaction within Capita. I make sure our customers are content with our services, and that we identify and embrace potential areas of service improvement through our monthly reviews. This is a great opportunity for customers to discuss any issues they have.”

            Leah praises transparency and empathy as integral to the business. “It’s so important for us to build trust with our customers, enable effective dialogue, and look at ways to identify any improvements. As a team we create honest and open relationships with all stakeholders and actively embrace feedback, be it positive or most importantly when there are frustrations. We often have to put ourselves in the shoes of the end user and appreciate they may have frustrations at times, it happens. We are a network run for people by people, so it’s all about working together for the greater good.”

            Trusted to deliver
            This was never more apparent than during the pandemic. “The impact of Covid-19 was huge, especially as our entire team was working at home. The potential risk to team morale and the general wellbeing of our colleagues was handled well. An incredibly supportive leadership team at Capita galvanised our team spirit and engagement, regardless of location. If anything, our work became even more positive and productive. We pulled together and kept moving forward for our customers.”

            Front of mind for Leah is the exceptionally high 2021 customer satisfaction score (CSAT). An overwhelmingly positive 98% of Scottish public sector respondents expressed their satisfaction with the network, and 100% confirmed their experience of working with Capita as beneficial to their organisation (up from 94% in 2020).

            “I was in the office when the CSAT results came through and I shed tears of joy,” she smiles. “The stats were phenomenal, and I know how hard the team worked to achieve them, especially after such a difficult and challenging year. Our people are all passionate about what they do, and they genuinely care about the services. It was an outstanding achievement for us all - a record high!”

            Our duty of care
            Leah is also inherently optimistic about the future of Capita. “The dedication and commitment we have to delivering better connectivity and services for our communities across Scotland is inspiring. The future is exciting for the Scottish communities we serve, I’m delighted to be part of this team.”

              Dillon is responsible for the timely delivery of key projects and initiatives across all stakeholder communities within SWAN. He plays a crucial role in driving a project from ideation to completion and has acquired a solid understanding of the relevant timelines, budget, deliverables, inter-dependencies and outcomes across a diverse range of projects.

              Fibre to the regions
              “Every day is different, but most involve talking to engineers and operations teams to keep up with progress on projects.” says Dillon, who enjoyed a career in IT before joining Capita SWAN as Project Manager in August 2019. “I talk to different customers and suppliers on a daily basis to discuss any recent developments, risks or issues”.

              Dillon’s greatest achievement has been working on the Highlands and Islands, most specifically to increase crucial digital connectivity to the rural areas. This major project, partnered with CityFibre, has connected 152 public sector sites to gigabit-capable full fibre broadband, including the NHS, Highland Council, University of the Highlands and Islands, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Natural Heritage, and the Department of Digital Culture Media and Sport.

              “Implementing the next generation of fibre infrastructure to rural areas such as Inverness, Fort William, Thurso and Wick as part of an ongoing project has been hugely rewarding,” he says. “This type of technology has made a huge difference to the people and businesses there. It has brought massive benefits, whether it’s simply the speed of connection in your office or home office, or 
              smoother video streaming, as well as improved reliability overall.”

              Enabling change 
              Remaining keen to expand into other remote parts of Scotland, Dillon is currently working on Openreach’s Full Fibre Infrastructure Build (FFIB) to deliver brand new technology to places such as the Isle of Skye and Aviemore. He is also planning an NHS Orkney project for a new radio infrastructure covering nine remote Orkney Islands.

              He is equally proud of fulfilling the needs of customers and is keen to solicit feedback at every step of the process. He praises the senior management team for harnessing a collaborative environment that supports cross-functional relationships between other teams.

              “During my time at Capita I’ve seen a shift in focussing more on addressing areas of improvement and I think this is reflected on the improved CSAT scores, whereby customer feedback is being listened to and acted on. For example, there are customers who require quick solutions to their network infrastructure problems and Capita has been able to collaborate with different providers to offer alternative solutions in the mobile (3G/4G) space as well as high-speed radio circuits that could see more than 10x improvement on bandwidth speeds. I’m very excited to see what we can bring in the future as I’m already seeing the opportunities at hand and plans in place for continual improvement.”



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