Digitally modernise your mailroom operations so you can speed up access, achieve improved engagement and productivity, and improve customer experience.

With flexible and remote working becoming a more common way to work, getting communications from customers to your staff can present a challenge.

We can provide you with a scalable and flexible service for receiving and processing incoming communications – removing the need for you to have on site presence while still delivering cost-effective processes through centralising physical and electronic communications.

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Key statistics

In numbers: Capita and the digital mailroom

£353m cheques

➥ How many we bank each year - getting payments to clients the same day

Over 600,000

➥ How many incoming mail pieces we digitise annually

Our services

How we can help

Customer correspondence handling

In today’s digital world, customers expect an immediate response which puts pressure on to deliver a high level of customer service. We help by processing your correspondence quickly and effectively, whether it’s in the mail or an email, an enquiry letter or an application form, resulting in lower costs, faster handling times and better customer service. Once processed, we index and categorise the correspondence and - if needed - call out specific areas or key words for prioritisation before returning the image and data for you to work on.


Cherished and unique documents

When handling correspondence and applications, organisations often need to receive original cherished items, such as birth certificates, passports, visas and driving licenses, which must be handled securely and quickly. Customers expect a timely turnaround and can become dissatisfied if this isn’t achieved. We can handle these physically or set up digital forms, with a rigorous, secure process which ensures even high volumes of cherished documents are processed efficiently before being returned to the sender, if needed.

unique documents

Payments processing

Our mailroom-based cheque processing solutions have been proven to streamline and automate processing, improve security and save valuable time. This, in turn can help your customer service and resource utilisation.

Payments processing

Goneaway and returned documents

Any organisation that sends out mailings will receive returned mail.

We offer our clients a returns handling service for undelivered mail which comprises identifying why the mail item has not been delivered and who the addressee was. This can be combined with a tracing service offering to find the correct address and allow databases to be updated. Not only can you have more accurate contact data, but you can lower your costs in contacting your customers by reducing inaccurate letters and follow-up processes.

Our services

How our digital mailroom works


PO box address established

Royal Mail then delivers your post extra early to our highly secure facility


Mail is sorted and scanned

Highly trained, security-screened staff digitise your content under one secure roof


All actioned within SLAs

Mail is sent to addressees and interfaced into your workflow systems


Specialist services available

E.g. banking service for cheques or returns of originals such as birth certificates


Secure content management

Original documents are either stored, securely destroyed, or mailed as required

Case studies

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senior couple
Our services

Key benefits


Digitisation of correspondence allows documents to be found, retrieved, and circulated whenever needed, improving searchability and shareability.


Automation increases the speed of delivery so processing and replying to the recipient can be dramatically improved.

Cost reductions

Outsourcing to a digital mailroom eliminates operational costs for running an onsite mailroom. Storage costs and specific real estate is no longer required.

Enables remote working

Staff can receive correspondence at home, the office, or wherever they happen to be working.

Improved customer service

Faster processing of documents and quicker delivery to staff accelerates customer response time.


Management information reporting on correspondence coming in and going out to customers provides a high level of confidence for audit purposes.



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