The importance of engaging customers is essential for every organisation and in today’s digital world, organisations need to communicate through multiple channels - digital as well as physical. Providing a customer experience that spans more than one channel is vital. 

We help to deliver a seamless, consistent and personalised customer experience through the integration of these channels - email, SMS, print, PDF, e-forms, e-signature, portal – providing your customers with your communications via their channel of choice.

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Key statistics

In numbers: Capita and multi-channel customer communications

100 million envelopes

➥ How many we print annually, from bulk mailings to invoices

42,000 mail packs

➥ How many we sort per hour resulting in preferential postage rates for our clients

10 million+ email communications

➥ How many we send every year, managing clients’ transition to digital delivery

Our services

How we can help


Whether designing a paper bill with legislative information which needs to be clearly communicated, e-statements with call to actions, forms to upload documents or SMS reminders, it’s crucial your message is heard and understood. Our experience includes turning raw or pre-composed data into targeted personalised communications for private and public sector clients. With clear, engaging messages, you can reduce call centre queries, increase revenue and enhance customer experience whilst remaining on-brand.

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Document composition

Dynamic document composition allows you to self-serve and produce complex, personalised documents using an automated workflow - speeding up production time, lowering production costs and improving customer relationships. Integrating our capabilities with your systems provides a full view of your customer communications. We can help to create a wide variety of transactional and business- critical communications, scheduled for specific times of despatch and tailored to the specific communication channel required.

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Our solutions allow you the flexibility to tailor communications according to the individual preferences and needs of the customer. Our fulfilment service enables content to be delivered digitally via email, SMS or to a portal, as well as, or instead of, paper communication.

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Our services

Ensuring consistent, personalised customer experiences

Multi-channel delivery

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Transactional mail

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Right message, right time, right place

Consistent, personalised CX

Case studies

Read about our work

Transforming communications management for the Department for Work and Pensions

When PIP needed a personalised service to manage communications to claimants we developed a multichannel solution to support the assessment process.

Delivering communications via customers’ channels of choice

Cashplus’ success has meant an increase in credit card statements: our print provision means Cashplus can deliver services efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our services

Key benefits

Channel of choice

Delivering the most effective communication method to customers - email, print, SMS.


Ability to turn your raw or pre-composed data into individually targeted consistent communications, whatever the channel.


Tailored content to a recipient and utilisation of ‘nudge’ messaging, promoting positive business and customer outcomes.

Cost savings

Merging of mailpieces into one envelope saves on postage and fulfilment. Digital is cheaper than physical.


Access to flexible production options to meet the different delivery timescale requirements of the various workstreams.


Detailed MI provided with real time tracking of production. Valuable to clients operating in regulated markets.



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