Turning complaints into an opportunity to show customers they’re valued

Everyone hopes their customer complaints will be kept to an absolute minimum. But, as long as they’re handled effectively, when they do happen they can become an asset — a chance to improve your processes, gather learnings and turn customer dissatisfaction into a positive view, increasing people’s loyalty to your brand.

We offer end-to-end services for complaints management to help you unlock these benefits, from outsourced contact handling to data analytics and customer experience transformation expertise.

Offering experienced, empathetic agents and the very latest automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to improve efficiency, we help to diffuse tense situations, supporting the customer to a fair resolution whilst ensuring they have the most positive experience possible. Whether standing up entire contact centres or stepping in with flexible support at peak times, we tailor our complaints handling to reflect your brand and values.

Our data analytics services harness your customer feedback, providing insight to help you improve organisational structure, increase sales and even prevent future complaints happening in the first place.

We also offer consultancy expertise and innovation to completely transform the experience of those customers making a complaint, working collaboratively with you to enhance customer journeys and help differentiate you from the competition.

We’re experts in making sure customers feel better about dealing with you, even when they’re telling you that something’s wrong.

Key statistics

3 million

➥ customer complaints handled every year


➥ years proactively involved in every FCA regulation review

£7 billion

➥ Remediation paid

A springboard for success: smarter complaints handling

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Rethinking complaints

Take inspiration from our ‘Rethinking complaints’ infographic for 5 bite-sized insights to kickstart your complaint services transformation.

Finding customer complaints a headache? They can be a great opportunity to maximise business success, providing rich, valuable data to inform service delivery.

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How we make the difference


Preventing future complaints

We examine your complaints so you can improve everything you need to, from products to service to culture.

We help you identify core issues from your complaints data, then address them — whether that’s by empowering your customer service agents, identifying future risk, targeting specific issues or being proactive with messaging




Fairer outcomes and better experiences

We know it’s not just about how you address the complaint, but how it’s handled.

We help you improve customer communications through awareness of customer preferences and fast, committed resolutions. We help you ensure that your customers — even in high-stress situations — are having the best possible experience, whether that means flagging customer triggers, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) or rapid contact centres, or identifying and utilising preferred communication channels.


Increasing efficiency

Listening to your customers can help you reduce resolution times and costs.

Being attentive to preferred channels, having empathetic agents and revising processes can shorten complaint handling times and reduce headcount. We work to help you drive down wasted resources, retain customers, enhance agents’ performance and guarantee scale and flexibility through a hybrid of training, technology and resource.


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