Turning information overload into business advantage

At Capita, our broad range of data analytics solutions are allowing companies to better understand their operations, customers and accounts. They’re making better business decisions, from when to hire to where to locate offices, and creating new and improved products and services that meet consumers’ changing needs.

Our analysis helped one major insurance provider reduce its debts by £47m and save £600,000 a year in operational costs. Through methods such as customer journey mapping, we’ve helped Marks & Spencer improve its customer service ratings by 14% and increase online and telephone orders by 24%. Discover how our data analytics services could boost your business.

Data & analytics services

Data and insight

Handling more than 100 million conversations and interactions every year creates a mass of useful data: direct feedback from customers, indirect feedback through social media posts, or inferred data through customer contact patterns. But it’s our insight experts that really make the difference.

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Behavioural science

We combine the latest research in evolutionary psychology and behavioural science with three decades of experience of working with some of the world’s leading companies, to understand what makes humans tick.

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Social media analytics

We provide users with a real-time view of how their brand is performing against a host of customer service metrics, as well as how their performance compares to their closest competitors.

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Speech analytics

Speech analytics has huge potential, but extracting the right data, that will genuinely boost the customer experience, is trickier than it looks.

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Contact management

We're providing contact centre solutions for some of the biggest companies in the UK. Whether you’d like us to run your entire contact centre service or simply assist your existing teams at peak times, we can help.

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Customer experience transformation

Trusted by some of the largest brands and public-sector organisations in the UK, we have a long track record of designing better customer experiences that really fit companies' needs.

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Customer acquisition and retention

We make finding and keeping your customers much easier. Providing advanced online and telephony technology, powerful analytics and highly trained teams, we deliver results that will boost your bottom line.

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