With our support, customers will be unaware that it isn't business as usual

Whether its planned peaks such as Christmas, Black Friday or the summer holiday season, new product launches with agent shortfalls, or unplanned events, organisations need a strategy and resources to navigate these fluctuations in customer demand.

And for when you can’t plan, we can help you be as prepared as possible for the unexpected, so you’ll never be caught off guard.

Peaks in demand call for a significant ramp up in agents, training, insight and technology – something we’ve become experts in over the years. But a lot more happens behind the scenes.

At Capita, we have the experience, resources, insight and technology to help organisations plan for peaks. And we can give you access to our customer service agents so you can ramp up your capacity and deliver a seamless customer experience for your customers across multiple channels, languages and locations.

In fact, your customers won’t even know that you’ve been experiencing an increase in demand or agent shortages. Organisations that can achieve this will be the biggest winners when it comes to customer satisfaction, loyalty and positive brand sentiment.


advisors in the UK, DACH and South Africa


advisors provided peak support to William Hill during the Grand National

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