Delivering the intelligent technology that retailers need to bring the virtual high street alive

By combining industry-leading Augmented Reality technology with our latest Conversational Artificial Intelligence tool, we’re helping retailers to take their customers on a new digital buying journey.

Together, these technologies enable customers to find the perfect product on your website, and then to see it live in their own environment with the help of their smartphone. They can enjoy the same kind of engaging and easy shopping experience as they do in a physical store – confident in their purchases – while you increase sales conversions, reduce your costs and stock, gain valuable customer data and create richer marketing insight into new customer segments.

They’re also vital tools for preparing yourself for a new era of constant change and uncertainty, fuelled by the Coronavirus pandemic. Retailers have kept the nation fed and clothed during lockdown but now, as the peak shopping season approaches, they’re facing more uncertainty, disruption and change.

The only answer is to make sure you’re ready for anything, by having the resources and technology in place to be able to adapt to sudden changes in demand while still delivering a first-class customer experience.

There’s no denying the role that technology such as augmented reality and conversational AI can play in getting retail moving again after the pandemic, especially now that it is poised to be a ubiquitous feature for most smartphone users.

At Capita, we have the right relationships with industry-leading technology companies – plus our own technological expertise and innovative thinking – to develop and implement a unique solution for you that delivers a completely automated and engaging sales experience that requires minimal effort from you and your customers.

And our ability to deploy our portfolio of people and technology solutions quickly across the entire customer journey helps you to position yourself for opportunity and growth, resilient for the future.


of customers begin their shopping journey by a digital channel*


of online purchases are made on a mobile device

9 out of 10

mobile users can be reached with AR integrated into a website

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The future of online shopping is here

The biggest challenge every retailer is facing is how they can engage more with their customers to drive sales revenue in a retail environment that is constantly changing and uncertain, making it impossible to plan for peaks and troughs.

In our latest webinar, Alan Linter, Digital Innovation Director at Capita and Michael Valdsgaard, CEO of London Dynamics, discuss the future of retail, and how AR and conversational AI can combine to create a new, unique, engaging and valuable e-commerce experience – for retailers and their customers.

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Whitepaper: Meeting customers' changing needs with the latest technology

2020 has been a year of disruption for the retail industry. The lockdown has forced people off the physical high street and on to the virtual one, and it has created an unprecedented level of change and uncertainty for retailers.

Augmented Reality offers a way to bring online shopping into the physical one and to not just survive but to thrive in a highly competitive, unstable retail environment.

In our latest whitepaper, two leading experts in digital innovation discuss how AR technology will transform the future of online shopping.

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