Delivering great customer service through leading-edge systems

Our many solutions include SmartAgent, which connects advisors and customers through WhatsApp, webchat, text and more, and robotic process automation (RPA) and speech systems that intelligently deal with customers, freeing up your people to deal with more complex enquiries.

Our advanced analytics identify how CX systems can be improved. Partnering with leading-edge, flexible cloud-based providers, we can integrate this technology into your existing CX system.

Capita’s customer data profiling has helped O2 boost upsell by more than 40%, while our RPA is handling 1.3 million of the firm’s customer interactions a month.

We’re always looking ahead to spot the technological trends that will further improve customer experiences and your bottom line.


reduction in contact to order ratio for Marks & Spencer


increase in O2 upsell


return on investment for O2

Our customer experience systems services


Augmented advisor

From speech analytics and virtual assistance, to visual intelligent voice routing (IVR), we're developing innovative applications that are empowering agents to deliver even better customer experiences.

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Cloud based services

Partnering with leading-edge, flexible cloud-based providers, we can integrate this technology into your existing CX system.

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Augmented retail

We’re combining Augmented Reality with Conversational AI to deliver the future of shopping straight into people’s homes today and to help you thrive in an uncertain, competitive retail landscape, through a seamless, fully automated, easy and engaging online retail experience.

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Assisted customer conversations

We’re adding enormous value to the service that we provide for your customers through our customer contact centres with AI-driven technology that analyses conversations and automatically helps our agents to identify the best solutions to customers’ queries.

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Automation & robotic process automation

We're helping our clients achieve better customer experience through our range of automation technologies.

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Conversational AI

Your first line of defence in times of high demand, conversational AI delivers critical information to customers, lifting the load from contact centres, and preventing BAU from grinding to a halt as advisers become swamped with calls. It’s also quick and easy to deploy, and simple to scale.

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Our end-to-end debt management services help businesses settle arrears whilst giving vulnerable customers the support they need to clear debt.

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Complaint handling

We’re helping companies manage everything from PPI remediation to complaints about poor service, with tailor-made solutions.

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Data and analytics

Our data analytics services sort through vast amounts of information to help companies boost brand loyalty, improve organisational structures and increase sales.

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