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Our many solutions include SmartAgent, which connects advisors and customers through WhatsApp, webchat, text and more, and robotic process automation (RPA) and speech systems that intelligently deal with customers, freeing up your people to deal with more complex enquiries. Our advanced analytics identify how CX systems can be improved. Partnering with leading-edge, flexible cloud-based providers, we can integrate this technology into your existing CX system.

Capita’s customer data profiling has helped O2 boost upsell by more than 40%, while our RPA is handling 1.3 million of the firm’s customer interactions a month. We’re always looking ahead to spot the technological trends that will further improve customer experiences and your bottom line.

Customer experience systems and software services

Cloud based services

As businesses explore digital transformation, they need an environment that is inherently flexible, where they can test, innovate and fail fast, while still supporting core applications and protecting mission-critical data.

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Automation assessment

How your organisation processes an application is critical to someone’s impression of your business. You want the process to be quick, professional and as easy as possible for your customer. We work to enable you to transform an inefficient paper-based process into a smart, efficient and clear digital joining experience.

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Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the application of software to automate tasks and processes usually performed by humans. It replicates the actions of a mouse and keyboard – and can automate end-to-end process either partially or completely.

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Our end-to-end debt management services help businesses settle arrears whilst giving vulnerable customers the support they need to clear debt.

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Complaint handling

We’re helping companies manage everything from PPI remediation to complaints about poor service, with tailor-made solutions.

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Data and analytics

Our data analytics services sort through vast amounts of information to help companies boost brand loyalty, improve organisational structures and increase sales.

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