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Today, many organisations are shifting towards a hybrid IT approach; blending traditional systems with new cloud technologies to get the best of both.

It’s about knowing the value of your existing IT estate and combining that with where you want to take your business. Because the adoption of cloud services is a journey, not a destination. And a successful hybrid model takes time, budget commitments, new skills and a strategy that’s built around your goals.

With the right technology partner, services such as AI, machine learning, robotic process automation and data analytics can help you to:

  • innovate rapidly
  • improve business efficiency
  • respond to market changes quickly
  • keep a competitive edge.


In Capita, you have the partner who can help you get there. No matter your business, no matter your aims, our expertise and customisable approach means we only recommend services and solutions we know will work for you.

It’s our mission to help you find a better path to success. From integration to automation, we’ll be with you at every stage, ensuring the best of us is bringing out the better in you.

Key statistics


➥ of enterprises stated that cloud has over promised and under-delivered


➥ cloud skills gaps have nearly doubled in the past three years


➥ Sservers supported across the UK and Ireland


➥ of data hosted on our private cloud platforms

How it works


The cloud continuum framework is our unique method  for unlocking your cloud potential. Whatever part of the process you’re at, we use it to add value and guide you to the next stage.

For those applications not ready for cloud, we’ll optimise existing environments using a broad range of managed hosting services on your premises or in our data centres.

Going to the cloud? Go the right way

Every business will follow its own path to the cloud. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. We’re committed to helping you find a better path to success, so you don’t get lost along the way. 

It’s why we’ve developed a new diagnostic tool to help you identify where you are in your digital transformation, where you want to go and what you need to get there.It’s the extra help you need to create a clear vision, agreed goals and a smart strategy.


Hear from our customers


Our clinicians now have secure access to any of the data held within the Independent Clinical Archive (ICA), regardless of device. Our consultants and clinicians can provide efficient diagnoses and treatment for patients, providing better care and achieving better patient outcomes. Patients now have a shorter wait to hear back on results and consultants benefit from an online solution to store and share images, improving costs.


Iain Luscombe

National Commercial Manager at Nuffield Health

Our latest reports


The role of cloud technology

These are testing times for organisations as they adapt to new ways of working. But concepts such as remote working and scaling out online businesses would have been significantly more challenging ten years ago when advanced cloud technology was not available.

We take a look at the current situation of cloud technology in the context of Covid-19. With one eye on the horizon, we start looking to the ‘new normal’ and provide some recommendations on what you need to start doing with cloud to get ready for the post Covid-19 era.




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