Introducing IoT to become more resilient, agile and competitive

What was once a promising technology is fast becoming the norm. Internet of things (IoT) is about new ways of collecting data, making devices smart and creating an ecosystem of devices that communicate and collaborate to make your organisation more agile and resilient while improving revenue and creating cost savings.

We provide an end-to-end IoT implementation solution, helping you design and implement an IoT strategy that is secure, reliable, and scalable, based on our wide portfolio of trusted networking and cloud technologies.

We ensure you can build a platform ready to address the challenges of power requirements, big data, and security to safely realise your digital transformation.

Working with us, you’ll gain the business insight provided by IoT-driven data analytics and AI to enable better decision making and open the door to new markets, improved service delivery, customers and ways of working.

Our IoT-based automation solutions can also reduce or remove human intervention, eliminating unnecessary delay and human error.

Key statistics


➥ Estimated number of IoT devices to be connected every year by 2025


➥ The amount of value IoT could be generating by 2025, according to McKinsey.

How we help you with transformative IoT



Making the most of your investment

We have access to all major network and cloud footprints to give you highly resilient and diverse connectivity and maximise the benefit of your investment in IoT hardware. With edge computing—the use of spare computing power at the edge of your networks—we help you keep big data under control.



Making the most of your investment

You can tease out the information that really counts and disregard the rest, saving on bandwidth and storage. Our business teams specialise in an array of data analytics techniques and can ensure that the data extracted makes a difference and drives your organisation’s performance, efficiency, and success.



Reducing costs, increasing efficiency

Our IoT solutions can help you grow your organisation while balancing the needs of operational efficiency. With better management information comes increased quality, predictability and productivity with lower costs and error rates. IoT is a cyclical journey which we’ll guide you on, ensuring it starts with the right platform and evolves with your needs.

The impact and benefits of IoT for business

Gain the competitive edge

There’s little doubt that IoT will be a major disruptor in the future - smart organisations should be taking proactive steps today to ride this upcoming transformation wave and stay competitive.

Smarter business decisions

New data sources enable your data analytics team to deliver fresh insights for your business, helping you move from being a reactive organisation to a predictive organisation.

Create better customer experiences

Gain a detailed picture of your customers’ needs and preferences, and their responses to new products and offers. Use it to give them a better experience and build loyalty.

Support vulnerable citizens and tenants

Sensors that monitor noise, heat, and movement can detect issues such as fire faster, summon help quicker, and enable support teams to spot unusual behaviour that might indicate an elderly tenant is ill or incapacitated.

Make your building more intelligent

Adding sensors to controls like thermostats and light switches sets you on the road to “smart building” technology. Achieve greater control over heating, lighting, and ventilation to cut costs and boost sustainability. Improve security to protect your assets—both property and people.

Increase productivity and reduce maintenance downtime

Adding intelligent sensors to machinery enables you to continually monitor and improve productivity. Early warnings on repairs help you schedule preventive maintenance, keep your employees, customers and citizens safe, and avoid unplanned downtime.



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