Enabling your software-defined networking value realisation journey

Software-defined networking is an indispensable component of your digital business evolution. It helps you gain maximum value from agile yet secure connectivity solutions that adapt to your business at greater scale whilst reducing your operational overheads.

We understand that realising the value of software-defined networking (SDN) is a journey; we were no different ourselves as we embarked on our own transformation. SDN challenges long-established norms in ways of working and the way you can deliver network services.

As leaders in SDN technology adoption in the UK, we’re trusted to design, deliver and manage robust, secure networks across the UK’s private and public sectors and critical national infrastructure.

Our skilled teams consider the business processes needed to support organisational transformation, helping you to identify the SDN products, features and functions that deliver the greatest benefits to your connectivity strategy as your business needs evolve. In summary, we help you to:

  • simplify operations
  • achieve faster time to market
  • build programmable networks
  • lay the foundation for intent-based networking

Whether you need to improve business agility through automated provisioning and operations, enable a multi-cloud environment or design, deliver and manage highly secure networks that enable access to any application, we have the expertise – and experience - to lead you on this journey.

Our digital connectivity solutions

Software-defined WAN services

Our software-defined WAN services speed up cloud application adoption, enabling your business to adopt ‘as-a-service’ models.

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Intelligent LAN solutions

Our intelligent LAN/wi-fi solutions optimise user experiences by seamlessly connecting devices and people throughout your estate.

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