HR advisory services and project management

Our highly-trained HR experts provide a range of advisory services and project management for the education sector, offering reassurance to schools, academies and trusts that they’re meeting their HR responsibilities whilst supporting their staff.

Providing HR expertise for peace of mind

When HR and staffing matters require attention, you need the confidence of having access to trusted HR experts who are completely up to date on current legislation and who understand your specific challenges as well as those of the broader education sector.

From interpreting and managing pay and disciplinary issues, to guiding your staff through pressures on their mental health, our experts provide you with reassurance and peace of mind. Our cost-effective services provide the level of HR expertise you need, when you need it:

  • a team of HR advisory experts with education-specific knowledge and experience
  • our HR advisory knowledge hub containing ‘just in time’ HR advice on topic matters factsheets, webinars, template policies and health and wellbeing support
  • education-focused training programmes delivered by experienced and accredited HR staff
  • a range of HR services including mediation services, trained investigators, health and wellbeing expertise, safer recruitment expertise and virtual assessment centres for senior leadership roles.

We also offer highly trained professionals for a range of specific HR projects, including strategy and policy development, staff engagement, safer staffing reviews and much more, working closely with you to understand your aims and challenges.

Our HR advisory options

Service level
Suitable for:
Benefits include:
Unlimited remote HR support Schools with no in-house HR service
  • ensures managers always have support available as and when required
  • allows unlimited access to the HR advice line
  • option to purchase support for meetings, hearings and so on, as and when required
  • cost-effective option keeping core fee to a minimum
  • provides access to HR expertise should you require any HR projects or training
  • provision of HR data to the trust/leaders to manage risks effectively.
Dedicated HR support for a specified time period Multi-academy trusts and academies requiring strategic HR support who do not wish to directly employ HR staff themselves
  • our staff bring a wealth of education experience and knowledge, and subject matter expertise
  • no recruitment fees/continuing professional development (CPD) to consider
  • the agreed amount of time can be a number of days or hours per week and can be secured for term time periods or for the full year.

Freeing your resources with HR project management

Running a school or multi academy trust on a tight budget and in a rapidly changing world is challenging. Schools often have limited time, expertise or resource for inhouse provision around HR matters which is why we offer the option to engage highly-trained expertise for key HR projects, bringing you the skills and advice you need at the right time.  

Our HR advisory subject matter experts offer a range of specialist HR services which you can access as and when required, including strategy and policy development and implementation, staff engagement, heath & wellbeing, safer staffing reviews, mediation, investigators.

As a trusted HR partner, we’ll work with you to understand your aims and challenges, scope your requirements, and deliver the support you need. With our experience in engaging the right stakeholders, managing sensitive communications and delivering a range of specialist services, you can be confident your projects are in a safe pair of hands.

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