Recruiting, onboarding and developing talent in the education sector

With the many challenges of managing schools well-known, it’s crucial your team has the right skills and competencies to support school success.

We help you recruit the right leadership team with our recruitment and selection services, including virtual assessment centres, managing as much or as little of the recruitment process as you choose.

We also provide online background checking for the fastest possible onboarding of all staff, providing peace of mind that you really know your candidates, whilst being able to welcome them onto the team as soon as possible.

An inspirational, informative learning and development programme is key to retaining your talented people and getting the best out of your staff so that they, in turn, can inspire students. We offer cost-effective and flexible education sector-focused development opportunities for governors, managers and staff, providing engaging and interactive training courses and content.

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Disclosure checking applications processed in 3 days


Online DBS screening applications we process every year


Accuracy rating compared to an average of 89% for other organisations

Learning and development to help your school be the best it can be


Tailored to the education sector

Engaging and interactive content with real-life HR examples and accreditation options.


Run your school more effectively

Aligns staff performance to school objectives to support the effective running of your school.


Better leaders for motivated staff

Helps leaders to be strong, compassionate managers who can better motivate and inspire staff.


Makes sure everyone is informed

Ensures your leaders, staff and governors are up-to-date on HR matters.


Tailored to education settings

Relevant, education-sector focused content delivered by HR professionals working with schools every day.


Bespoke options

Where you have a particular requirement, we work with you to develop training specific to your needs.

Online screening and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

We know that speed is of the essence when you’re recruiting staff which is why we offer a fast, accurate and efficient service to process Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) applications.
With 99% of applications turned around by us in 3 days, you can focus on getting the right people in place when you need them. Already supporting many of our school and academy clients, the NHS and recruitment agencies, our online screening service follows the same basic principles as the paper-based process but, because it’s not manually intensive, there’s less risk of errors and it’s much faster. 

Managing more than 19,000 online DBS applications every year, our dedicated team of DBS experts work with you to manage the whole administration process. An intuitive dashboard means you can view the status of all your applications at any time, with the assurance that all data is hosted securely within an ISO27001 accredited Capita-owned data centre.

Recruitment and selection services

Our experienced HR advisers can support you through every step of the recruitment process to ensure you build the right leadership team to contribute to your school or academy’s success.

Flexible options to suit your needs
How our services help

We can help with as much or as little of the recruitment process as you need including:

  • Planning the recruitment timetable
  • Drafting and placing adverts
  • Full administrative package including responding to requests for information from applicants, acknowledging applications, sourcing suitable venues if required, scheduling interviews and supporting with referencing
  • Design and delivery of a virtual assessment centre
  • Provision of competency-based interview questions
  • Expert advice throughout the selection process

Our recruitment and selection services support schools and academies by:

  • maximising the opportunity of finding the right candidate for your post
  • ensuring compliance with legislation and therefore reducing the opportunity for valid legal challenge
  • presenting a professional image of your school or academy to prospective applicants
  • giving access to an experienced and impartial HR Adviser to provide advice, guidance and best practice suggestions at all stages of the process

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